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Silly cyclepath obstructions

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Inspired by this post.

Tragically I don't have photos of my real favourites (first person to post a picture of that spiral gate on the Wandle Trail wins), but I'm thinking:

Silly Sustrans Gates:

Ministry Of Crap Design:

Obstructive wildlife:

Dense undergrowth:

Impossible surfaces:

Portals to hell:

Strategically spaced bollards:

As well as:
Ludicrous gradients and/or steps
Broken lifts (Greenwich wins by default)
Navigational ambiguity
Badly parked vehicles (preferably interesting ones, or badly-placed designated parking spaces)
Amazing feats of fly tipping
etc, etc.

Let's see what you've got...

Diamond Geezer has some images of the Wandle Trail, including these two, which may be what you're referring to.  That does look like a spectacularly stupid design.

Dash it all!  I rode over the twirly bridge tonight, but took no photo.  It's been amended since TimO's photo.

Gate 74 has now been replaced, and, to be fair, is at the end of a section of footpath, where the cycle route diverts.

The spiral bridges are wonderful. There should be one in ever kids' playground. But they do not belong on cycle paths.

What do the numbers on them refer to?

I've always been pleased that the video of Basil having a sudden lie down terminates when it does 'cause it's me behind him;still upright at that moment  ;)


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