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Comedy Off-Roading (on Mildy Inappropriate Bikes)

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From the department of random thoughts that occurred to me while I was riding my bike:  Why don't we have a gallery thread for this?

Just in case anyone isn't familiar with the term, comedy off-roading isn't what you set out to do on a mountain or cyclocross bike:  This is about extended pub runs along dark lanes with shark-infested puddles; NCN routes letting you down on tour in a spectacular manner; bridleway shortcuts that seemed like a good idea at the time; group rides where you misjudged the routing habits of the ride leader, towpaths with ridiculous slippery bricks, railway paths complete with railway ballast, and of course those moments where the the only honourable thing to do is blame the GPS for leading you astray.

Extra points awarded for Mildly Inappropriate Bikes™:  Mud plugging on a carbon road bike.  Sustrans slalom on fixed.  Descending scree slopes on recumbent tourers.  Brompton cyclocross.  Trikes on deeply rutted tracks.  Anything that involves pushing a lowracer through a hedge.  That sort of thing.

(Danny MacAskill need not apply.)

Unfortunately all my COR photos seem to involve me lying in mud or bleeding, so someone else will have to start us off... what've you got?


--- Quote ---Descending scree slopes on recumbent tourers.
--- End quote ---


Kim offroading by dean.clementson, on Flickr

And Foxton Lane, of course.

Foxton Lane by dean.clementson, on Flickr

IMG_0640 by dean.clementson, on Flickr

IMG_0650 by dean.clementson, on Flickr

"Slow"Coach on his Dahon was particularly impressive (it is a small-wheeled folding bike, though not obvious in that last photo). I thought I'd have the least appropriate bike, on my fixed Dave Yates with 23 mm tyres, but there's always one.

The border terrier wins the most appropriate bike prize.  That's a great one of Kim on Sleightholme.  I lovel the ghostly goods waggon - conjures up all sorts of odd scenarios.

There's another one of those on the road to Tan Hill - since Wowbagger was convinced that there was another pub between Langthwaite and Tan Hill (there isn't, but he didn't believe me), I christened that one the WB Inn.

Here you go, Peter - I think your fear had subsided a little by this point, but I'm afraid you don't get many inappropriate bike points.

IMG_0628 by dean.clementson, on Flickr

(This photo and the above one of Kim are on the gravel track across Sleightholme Moor, between Tan Hill and Bowes, and were taken on the 2011 Friday Night Ride to Tan Hill. It's a necessary bit as it makes an all downhill route to the most convenient train station at Darlington. It was resurfaced earlier that year, but no one believed me when I told them that)


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