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Eccentrica Gallumbits:
Today was my colleague's citizenship ceremony and I had suggested we go out for a celebratory lunch afterwards. Another friend and I had agreed it was our treat.

I forgot my purse.

You div!  :P
I can almost certainly contribute to this thread!  :D 
And I nominate this for the Thread Title of the Year award  :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: Eccentrica Gallumbits on 26 January, 2016, 05:47:59 pm ---I forgot my purse.

--- End quote ---

That old chesnut  ;D

You're not alone.....
I went to the post office (5mile trip) last week to post a 2ft cardboard tube. Pulled up outside the post office, couldn't find the parcel. It was still at home standing to attention by my front door, I stood it there so I could lock the door.

I spent all afternoon trying to debug something. Combing through log file, painstakingly checking syntax.

I'd forgotten to do a #include for the relevant xsl file.

All Sodding Afternoon.

you div

Your colleague has just had another lesson in Englishness.  :smug:


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