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  • Bryan Chapman Memorial 600km BRM | 18th May 2024 | Chepstow: 18 May, 2024 - 19 May, 2024

Author Topic: Bryan Chapman 600km BRM + others | 17/18/19th May 2024 | Chepstow  (Read 36991 times)

Re: Bryan Chapman 600km BRM + others | 17/18/19th May 2024 | Chepstow
« Reply #200 on: 16 May, 2024, 09:17:32 pm »
Had to cancel.  This cold I have isn't going away.  It was worse today than last weekend.  Bummer

I've just had to do the same. I thought I was getting better but this cold is annoyingly persistent. :(


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Re: Bryan Chapman 600km BRM + others | 17/18/19th May 2024 | Chepstow
« Reply #201 on: 20 May, 2024, 02:39:26 pm »
Harder than ever.  IMO. The official climbing figures may say it's not much different to last year, but if the last 200km had been a BRM I would have only just finished in time.

10:42 moving and 13:09 elapsed, OK that time pressure might have been self inflicted by the leisurely Brunch at Jack's cafe in Newtown, but the 60km to that point had been benign as had the first day, even arriving at Knighton (95km in 5:29) things felt fine, after that I had to walk at least one minor hill before even reaching gospel pass.

Was it harder because I was in poor form? I don't think so as my time from Tintern to Chepstow was quicker than ever, as was my time from Chepstow to Menai. Also other riders reaching gospel pass at the same time did not pass me despite me walking a third of the climb.

A the finish it felt like it had been competing against Brimstone as hardest 600, but I think that's just because the second day was fresh in the memory and the first day was not. I hope the chap moaning about too many main roads on the way up was happier with the return leg.

Day 1 elapsed time 18:48, moving time 16:23, so as much time spent not moving in 390km as in 215km. Maybe if it hadn't been so sunny and pleasant....
Day 1 stops, Honey cafe, Llanidloes Spar, Mountain checkpoint, Kings, Beddgelert Ice cream, check point, Menai, shell garage
day 2 stops jacks cafe, knighton, hay on wye spar, Treats, Monmouth Co-op

Eddington  127miles, 170km