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« Reply #2575 on: 06 July, 2024, 08:57:01 pm »
Bit of the black dog for the last few days so really hard to motivate myself but got out for 30 minutes of running in glorious evening sunshine.

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Did parkrun on Saturday, at Greenham Common (Newbury), my first since New Year's Day.  My kilometre splits were 3:22, 3:29, 3:56, 4:00, 4:08.  Sadly, that's not reverse order.  Definitely the worst-paced parkrun I've ever done.  In mitigation, the first part was very gradual downhill with a strong tailwind (and the return was brutal).  It takes a few messed-up efforts to find the right sustainable pace, and parkrun is a nice, low-stakes environment for doing just that.

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I've been struggling with motivation recently for runs. However got drinks with some of my shift this afternoon. Was gonna bus both ways but going to have a little run over. Its about 12km I'd guess. Got the motivation that despite being in some cases double the age of some of my shift I'm the fittest for running and cycling. They're more into their weights

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And what a run it was. Felt mega hard and then saw I'd set my 2nd fastest 10km and bits I needed to walk as so overgrown

The toilets I'd planned in getting changed in were minging and the all in one soap/water/dryer didn't work so was a tad pink when got to pub.