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Young woman with (proper, nice) bike inverted under streetlamp on A road in busy area of town. So, recognising her as a regular commuter, I slow down and ask if she has everything she needs. Whereupon, she chases me off waving a track pump and shouting.

That was the absolute last time I offer to help a woman.

As I was going ouyt for a pint after work, I took the bus to work.

Fairly full bus leaving QA , and elderly lady gets on, fairly unsteady....

Being a Gent, I stand up and offer her my seat, as I can easily move further back, and was thanked with "Don't be so blood condescending!"

Re: Wariness & Suspicion
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T'other one was in the back of Portsmouth, with a young lad and a borked derailleur, snapped by bolt

Split chain, removed broken derailleur, shortened chain to single speed,put all the parts into a bag, and lent him my phone to let his parents know he would be late.

Following morning I was phoned witha demand that I should replace the chain as i had "damaged" it by taking links out of it!