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Durness Duress 300 - Anyone doing this?

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Anyone planning on heading up north for this ride?  I see there is a number of other events taking place that weekend.  It sounds like it could be fun.

You're not wrong there MKev, the weekends organised by Steve & Denise are always excellent. They used to organise audax weekends out of Ardgay, but have moved to Portmahomack. They also do the legendary Newtonmore weekends.
Sadly, I won't be able to go this year - Mrs Eck is on bridesmaid duty for her best friend's wedding at the other end of the country - but I'd certainly recommend it.

I think Mr Noodley of hereabouts is hoping to go, and I'm sure many of the usual suspects will be there too.

Yup, I'm planning on that one. My in-laws live in Tain, so it can be combined with a family visit  ;D.

Are you partaking of the Toffee of Moffat this weekend Kev ?

Yes, I'll most probably be riding this. My parents stay near Inverness, so not too far to travel.

I'm thinking about whether or not to do the 200 the next day, or maybe just take it easy and do the 50k.

Unfortunately, I'm not up to a 200 this weekend.    It's a pity because I was really wanting to do the Moffatt toffee.  I'm just going to wait and do the Aarons AArdvark Thursday Skive (or what ever it's called) to break my Gala cherry.  I take it you will be able to make full use of the new gps toy?

I've just sent of my Deeside loop and Dee Lecht-able entries though.  These are my Snow Roads training rides and I'll need the miles if I'm to get my randonneur 1000 this year (still too much of a pussy to go for the SR - I blame bike comfort issues).

I am tempted by the Portmahomack weekend but I don't know if I could sell it to my wife as a holiday, "I'm off for a wee cycle, see you in 20 hours".  I wouldn't imagine that there are too many shops in Portmahomack for Mr Mrs MercuryKev to look round for a day :-)


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