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The ACME Anvil Winter Series of 100km BP rides returns for its second year, starting on the 4th of November.  These four rides are intended to give you an incentive to carry on riding through the winter and the opportunity of doing that with friends as mad keen as you are.  They all start at 10am to allow you to ECE them; three from the Wetherspoons pub in Witham and one from The Railway Tavern in Kelvedon, both providing breakfast fare and post ride refreshments.
Last year saw an average of 85 riders on each of these events with a tremendously successful 333 validated brevets across the four of them. So if you didn't join us last winter you can be sure that there will be plenty to ride with this year!  Full ride details are on AUKweb where a handy clicky button to enter your ECE also lurks on the calendar page.

Links to the 2017/18 rides on AUKweb
November 4th:  Essex 3R's
December 2nd:  The Stansted Airport Express
January 13th:    Kelvedon Oyster
February 3rd:    Knights Templar Compasses and Cross

100km pre-ride ECEs planned...

Plan B, sleep in, just ride the calendar 100 if the weather is miserable.

Plan C, weather beyond a joke: go for breakfast to the pub, stay a rather long while...must be going soft to even consider this.

Oscar's dad:
Not at all. We do this stuff for fun so do what makes you happy.

ECE entered for Essex 3R's. 56km before, 45km after. Suitable buffer added!

I'm looking forward to the start of the winter series, albeit it doesn't feel like winter quite yet.

Charlie Polecat:
Interesting looking at the route for: Knights Templar Compasses and Cross

We bought a house in Silver End opposite the then Green Man pub and across the road from the pig farm. There was a lovely lane going through the fields to a small copse - probably torn down for housing by this time. Racing along the narrow road to get the London train at Witham was always a pleasure - except finding space to park near the station. It would be nice to ride the roads, although sadly - or not - I am too far away now to do that.

Silver End was a factory built village making windows -Critalls (sp?) as I recall with the main plant being in Braintree. A small half round catholic church was built there while we lived in the village paid for by the owner of the factory.

The Green Man was run by an old gentleman who kept it as a prefect roadside village pub and kept a shire horse in his garden and an antique Bugatti in his barn. Before we left the village, the old chap died and some yob took it over and introduced a juke box and slots, it was awful after that, so we moved away.


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