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Audax Dreams for the New Season

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What big or little Audax dreams does anyone have for this new season? :thumbsup:

A prevailing tailwind all season  :P

Being able to ride one. Seriously: I've just had a major operation.

My hope is to clear a BRM 600k prior to PBP qualification. The more realistic aim is to be able to ride and then just possibly a 200k.

A Super Randonnee 600 is a must and a UAF 600 to the Ventoux and a non-LRM 1500 in Germany are near the top of the list, probably on my Moulton. The Scottish 1000 is tempting, as is a tandem SR or close to it. Doing some brevets on an upright trike is enticing but I probably won't be able to stretch that to a SR.

Hoping to do some rides after a while away. 
Vague ideas of an SR if I can find the time (like the look of the Border Raid as a 600. 400 likely to be in Wales.)
Possibly investigate running events again I may 2019 (the South East could perhaps do with more longer distance rides, possibly hosting a National).


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