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Time to revert to PBP?
LEL 2017 DVD.
Jersey Swap
Managing the spikes at controls
LEL 2017 Blog Roll
LEL waymarker arrows
LRM 1200+ medal??
LEL rain kit was Re: LEL 2017 Blog Roll
Brevet card return
Rider tracking data
Media coverage
AUK website
Result is up!
From Zim to AUK and Beyond.....LEL
Urgent Help Needed
LEL frame/mudguard stickers
My gear checklist, feel free to copy or comment
returned brevet cards and t shirt order
Managing the Lulls at Controls.
LEL the Movie.
LEL 2017 thread for random things which don't require etc etc ...
LEL Photos
Post LEL drinks : York : Monday 11th September
P43 reporting from India ( My blog)
Did I really see that or was my mind playing tricks?
Nameplates/badges  ORDERS CLOSED!!
Controls of the past.
Both Sides.
Mechanic's advices for the next LEL
best map for complete route
Thought for the Day.
Thanks for the two mars bars
Riders in the 5am group.
LEL. PBP and the Mersey Road 24.
Brevet cards.
LEL DIY, the best route?
Why is LEL called LEL?
History of overseas riders on LEL.
Anyone else going tubeless for LEL?
Rider lessons for 2021
The rogue Italian
Things about LEL I now recognise.
Doing LEL on my own!
LEL merchandise sizing
The ACME LEL Peloton Thread [All Welcome!]
numb fingers (cyclist's palsy) after LEL
Sunspots and GPS.
DNF Tales
Shortest route
Volunteer tales
LEL on a hand crank
Youngest rider?
Cycling Specific 1st Aid Supplies - suggestions wanted
Easiest and hardest LEL's
Caption this.
Thank You Riders
LEL2017 bike fails
Support cars
Rough idea of finishing time as a ranking?
Cheapest bike?
Unwanted/unneeded jerseys...
Comment from a volunteer
LEL Film
2017 Route tougher than 2013
LEL DNF reasons poll
LEL and Rashomon.
Pictures of Mark Hudson?
Fixed riders?
Thoughts from a virgin volunteer
Mentions in the media
Having doubts about my ability to complete LEL
LEL - With an Inguinal Hernia
yacf LEL2017 roll call by start time
LEL2017 biomechanical fails.
Calories between controls
True Grit
Bag Drops
Rider Tracking
LEL phone number
Food choices
Food for long (>400km) brevets Part I
Tracking John Spooner
Long Brevet Food Part II
AUK LEL 2017 finisher List
A6 LEL Routesheet
Watching online isn't as much fun as being there......boohoo
Recording or forecasting LEL
Comedy bikes
Time Lapse of rider starts.
Good luck all!
URGENT request to borrow a bike from a rider on LEL.....
Last minute queries.
Silly last minute Garmin question
Info for anyone planning to stop at Alston
Oh Dear!
Chain lube, pumps with gauge at controls?
Garmin memory card
Volunteers: Who is in?
Lost my Luxos U charging cable, anyone gotta spare?
Any chance for wheel truing at registration?
Dozy duo Dozen Squared x 10
LEL preparation....From Zim to AUK and beyond
LEL drinks 28th July
Tips if the weather is very wet
Left Luggage
Help with Garmin
In U.K. and no PC - Need help getting revised gpx on garmin
LEL Route, GPX, Route Sheets.
Paddington to the start
LEL preparations.
GB Basemap for Garmin Edge 520
A very British tradition.
Top tips for doing LEL
Beside food what else do we get at control points on payment basis.
Training plan for the ill-prepared
Basemap for Garmin 520
London with family.
Rider tracking?
Inspiring stories from those who overcame adversity and completed LEL?
Sights for the tourists?
Guest at controls
Last minute shopping
LEL and FreeCycle
Mid-week DIY 600k on LEL route in June - Pocklington-Loughton and back
Help for a newbie!
What the chaffage?
Travel Advice
Crazy to just bring sealant and injector, no tubes?
Control time cutoff?
cadwell park, Louth
Any hope of ultra last minute entry?
Weather forecasting ?
LEL 2017 July or August RRTY ???
Brampton to Moffatt - Two Options
LEL 2017: What is out?
LEL2017: Who is out?
Navigation and GPS Unit
LEL equipment
Insurance for overseas riders
LEL food
LEL Shop
Recovery time
LEL and Strava
Audax Film Festival
Merchandise Closing Date
LEL is full up
*pssssst* 100hr riders
16:00 Starters
Alternatives to LEL
LEL info on the AUK web site calendar
Bike storage around Loughton/Buckhurst Hill after finish?
Sat 29th Pre Ride Registration Time
Landscape and Culture.
Start time email
LEL The Start
Rider Area
Bike advice please
LEL2017: Who is in?
LEL bike evolution.
Edinburgh London Bed Swap
Volunteer ride
Car share from East Mids
Mini LEL?
Summer waterproof booties
Stories of 2013.
Wheelset Upgrade for LEL
Tandem start times?
A travelodge solution
The wisdom of a late start time?
Process to get my USAnian dollars to LEL2017's account
LEL Planning
Control times
Travel advise - From Heathrow-Chesham- Startpoint
Personal care items for LEL
What colour tyre levers for LEL?
Hotels / B&Bs - Pros and Cons ...
Official hashtag for wrong 'uns who are into that sort of thing
The 7 types of LEL participant, or maybe more.
Waiting list 100 hours
Getting to Loughton for Registration
Essential kit for LEL
What's a reasonable estimate for time spent in controls?
Training. How far to go?
LEL2021 Preferential entry.
LEL 2017
Difficulty registering from overseas
Bloody Paypal
Bar bag or tri-bars
Have all the audax uk entries gone?
Shall I or shall I not?
Time limit / Minimum speed
LEL Incomplete/Unmatched Entries Thread
Suggestions for bag drop locations & time registration opens on Jan 20
Food choices at the controls
A thread for registration problems
Christmas Greetings.
Early entry for qualifying AUK members
Entry to LEL
Checkpoint Question
LEL former volunteer entry
Light for your consideration
Is £300+ Good value?
Preferential entry
Keeping the route clean
The LEL Team.
Riding to the start
Charging devices on LEL
Is LEL easier than PBP?
Getting involved - volunteering on LEL
LEL Alston refreshment stop
LEL fitness - what's really required
Control details
a heartfelt thankyou to the facilitator for this subforum
LEL - Training rides in the SW / Recommended rides near Bristol


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