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Start time/bag drop selection now closing March 31

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It seems quite quiet here...compared to previous years anyway! perhaps everyone's too busy training?  :thumbsup:

I noticed Danial posted that start times and bag drops now need to be chosen by the 31 March, rather than 31 April as per the email that was sent out before. I assume there'll be another email for people who don't read Facebook but thought I'd post it here as well.

I really like the graph he's presented of the current start-time selections - and pleased to see mine is still way undersubscribed, going for 12:45 rather than 13:00 will make negligible difference to the ride I think, but has about a quarter of the entries!

Well, I have selected 15:00 start and not bothering with the bag drops! Got enough space for luggage on my bike  ;D.

I've entered but not done my start time but if I do, it will be 15:00 also, whats the point in losing sleep to get an early start! :)


--- Quote from: Deano4 on 17 March, 2022, 01:38:11 pm ---Well, I have selected 15:00 start and not bothering with the bag drops! Got enough space for luggage on my bike  ;D.

--- End quote ---

 :thumbsup: My thoughts entirely: if you'll need it keep it with you, if not ... ? The bike is the support vehicle!

15:00 start, 125 hours = 5 days and 5 hours, so an afternoon to early evening finish would be comfortable, and worth a proper sleep on the final night before the last 200km or so?

Lightning Phil:
I suspect it is closing a month earlier than in the email in order that the supplier can fulfil producing the bags.  What I think will happen is that choosing your start will close a month early, and then, once you know your allocated start, you’ll get a couple of weeks to change your bag drop locations if you want. Finalised start time allocation was a 24 hour affair in 2017. Maybe bag drops will close at Easter.

I’ve gone for a late morning start, not so early I need to be up early after a bad nights sleep, not so late I’m hanging around all day.  It’s about 45 mins to start from home. I’m also keen to cross the north York wolds and moors in daylight if I can, to catch the scenery and get those steep ascents and descent done when I can see them. Being at the slower end I think a late morning start guarantees that, as 400 / 12 = 33 hours at minimum overall average. In my head I have Malton roughly between 370 to 400km northbound. The Lincolnshire Wolds will be crossed at night either way.

I am attracted to starting in one of very last starts and the psychological benefit of mostly see numbers of riders who started before you. That is what I did in 2013, but the last start that year was 10:30.  Being a lot slower 9 years on, it may not work quite so well.

As for bag drops, I’ve gone for them.  It’s nice being able to change into fresh base layers. Plus I’ll bung some tubes in them in case I have a mare of day with punctures. The outer layers for the worst the weather can throw at me, will be on bike anyway.


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