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LEL Stage by Stage Breakdown

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Lightning Phil:
Current stage by stage breakdown of LEL route, from the routemiester himself

Suffolk Born:
Thank you Lighting Phil - it makes it less daunting when you see it like this.


Stages 6 and 13 still look pretty daunting :o

Is a riders control closing time likely to be a simple 12km/h minimum speed or has a PBPesque formula with different speeds out and back been used in the past?

Lightning Phil:
It’s a nominal 1500km, 1500km / 12 km/h = 125 hours, hence the time limit given. You’ll note the breakdown above gives it as 1519km, which means your min overall is 12.15km/h.   For LEL the closing times will simply based off the min overall, with no higher min overall in the first 600km (as PBP does).  Control open and close times specific to your start time, will be in your brevet card. No complicated maths needed during the event.


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