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The company on DIYs and perms thread

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Weirdy Biker:

--- Quote from: Weirdy Bikeman on 08 July, 2009, 01:16:26 pm ---Suggestion for admin - could be we have a sub-board for DIY/perms that riders would like some company on?

Suggestion is that the topic headings in that board would be "DATE - START LOCATION - DISTANCE - Brief description".  For example "8/8/09 - Redhill, Surrey - 400km - DIY to Wiltshire"

I'd personally find this facility very helpful.

--- End quote ---

Some other users of the audax board have already indicated in the topic that they think this would be a useful facility.

Rather than a sub-board (which is beyond my powers) we'll try a sticky topic.  If it takes off then maybe we can ask the forum admins for a new board, but no promises. So, if you'd like company on a DIY or perm, post here.

Ian H:
You're too late for the Humfire.


One option might be to use this thread as an index to more developed threads about rides, eg

--- Quote from: Hummers on 21 May, 2009, 11:57:33 pm ---Middle-aged, well preserved and well upholstered male cyclist seeks like-minded company on leisurely weekend tour of southern England's tea rooms, convenience stores, A road service stations and bus shelters.

Likes; riding through rainy nights along romantic unlit winding pot-holed country lanes, gut wrenching ascents, white knuckle descents, narrowly avoiding lumps of aggregate and agriculture along the way.

GSOH, NS, financially solvent, has own hair and own teeth (mostly).

Will consider groups.


Picture preferrable.


N.B. There are no calendar 600s this weekend but there is The Bournemouth Square 200 (a fine ride in its second year) and, I believe, at least one ride in Wales.

--- End quote ---

details here:

Revisited - Hellfire 600 Perm: 19th & 20th September

I sort of started a niche version of this with my 600 series thread, which died when I stopped riding a DIY 600 every month.

Anyway, there's still time to enter the 600km DIY from Bletchley with me and Rich Forrest on September 26th.
Just get your entry form to your DIY organiser even if you haven't got acard, you can use one of mine.

Also, anyone up for a winter 600, let me know. There's always a chance that I will ride a 600.


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