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Ride to Skeggy - 10 May 08

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Anyone doing this ride tomorrow?  I'll be there and so will leadoutrider (of the other parish, and maybe this one?).

Chris S:
Not me this year - but looks like a great day for it.

Watch out for that East wind on the flatlands East of Woodhall Spa.

Smother yourself in sun cream. I found this ride very exposed; you will be in full sun all day.

It's not, as I foolishly thought, completely flat. See how fast you can go on the descent to Horncastle  :thumbsup:.

Breath in that Skegness atmosphere. It's... erm... unique ;)

The forecasts say (ha-ha-ha) the wind will pick up a bit later in the day.  Any extra push will be appreciated!

As for sun cream, I really should pick some up before I leave...

Looks like ideal weather for the ride...
Sadly I am on call (yet again) and hence cannot partake...

Good luck Andrij - not sure if I willl ever try a 300.


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