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I'd have been more likely to have come on the ride if it was the Saturday.

I enjoyed it last year (my first Audax) but it really opened my eyes as to how little "support" there was as it seemed to be only the control points that were open.   I re-rode the same route a fortnight later and Wally's Cafe was the only place open as the teashop at the first control hadn't opened at the time I went through.  I did note a few closed village shops and post offices though where a snack might have been purchased.

Oh, and as I said above (I think), the route sheet worked fine last year.  I had one problem with trying to put it on the map beforehand, but on the ride just used the routesheet and not the pre-marked map.

I have to agree with the comments re the route sheet.  In reality it worked very well on the road, but transfering it to Metromap was a bit of a nightmare.  In the end I found a copy of last years ride on Bikely and that worked perfectly.

From a personal point of view Sunday is better for me.

Cycling Viking:
This was my first event! I enjoyed it - did n't get lost so route sheet worked for me (unlike the more detailed Ruislip 100 the following Wednesday when I did get lost and turned it into a 120 - my fault though!)

Cheers to all involved - great fun !

Two points and counting might make it to 4 by December having just read the points chasers posts>



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