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Chris N:
Urgh.  Sounds like you had a good run, Gordy.  I saw you as you were riding to the start - I was at the back of the 200km group that passed you.  By the time I worked out who you were it was too late to say hi.  Saw the Alan wagon on the A51 in Lichfield too.

The 200 wasn't quite as much fun - nice tailwind over to the start and a fairly pleasant first 55km to Ipstones were the best bits.  From there it was climbing (into a headwind), riding along Axe Edge with a 30mph crosswind, then riding along the A53 (into a headwind towards Buxton) with only a few metres visibility.  A draggy climb along the A6 and A623 through Dove Holes (Shite Holes, more like) to Sparrowpit and then a misty slog up to the top of Winnats.  The control - the Woodbine Cafe - in Hope was cracking though.  Then back onto more familiar roads for a mostly tailwind assisted run back to Ashbourne and the last control (where the 160km riders had eaten most of the cake) and then a flat blat back into Shenstone.  Castleton Classic isn't a very good name for this ride - maybe on a sunny, calm day with little traffic it would be, but next year I'll stick to the 160.

Still, 14 1/2 hours for 270 hilly-ish km with a lot of headwind - all good training. :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: Chris N on 20 April, 2008, 10:23:13 pm ---  Saw the Alan wagon on the A51 in Lichfield too.

--- End quote ---

Belated greetings Chris.
It's very likely that you will need to recognise a different Alan wagon after next weekend.The new(to me) vehicle will not have a "personalised "registration

Hello everyone.  I was beginning to wonder where everyone had gone, so is good to find you all again.

Had entered this event (200) but went down with the Flu a few days before, so stayed in bed listening to the rain outside.

Well done to everyone that got round though and hopefully I will try again next year.

Well despite the weather being a tad grey, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The two cafe stops and the general organization were excellent, many thanks to everyone involved. The big dipper section that Gordy referred to was 'interesting' to say the least. As the drops, and therefor the speed, got greater the road conditions got worse making for a few heart stopping moments, followed immediately by heart busting climbs. Great fun.  ;D

I think best beginner medal should go to a lady that I chatted to at the second cafe stop. It was her first audax and her previous longest ride was 30 miles. So many congrats to you, whoever you were.


--- Quote from: Gordy on 20 April, 2008, 06:14:38 pm ---That was great, although the weather was "sub-optimal." I did the 100, and finished at 3.15, thanks to a fast run to Shenstone from Rosliston - in the pleasant company of someone called Ray - the guy who wore his yellow waterproof trousers all day.

It was a good route, with very little main road mileage. However, that blooming muddy lane somewhere that resembled a roller coaster had me off and walking three times. I feel great tonight and hope that everyone else got back safe after a pleasant day out.

PS: I parked my car in Lichfield town centre to avoid the Shenstone parking maelstrom. That worked too. <smug>

--- End quote ---

I suspect that you are referring to "Scotch Hills". Reliant cars used to test clutches up and down there at one time.


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