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Estuary Welsh: April 19th

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--- Quote from: Jasmine on 20 April, 2008, 01:50:57 pm --- We lost the group on two successive climbs out to Llansteffan, the second of which was marked on the routesheet as 'Climb!'

--- End quote ---

At Amroth I pointed out to Dave the mistake in his route sheet: it should have read 'Climb!!'

Yes, a good ride, the weather not being as bad as forecast.  I was not looking forward to the B4300 stretch from Carmarthen to Fairfach into the wind but it was OK.

Good controls.  The 'spread' at the  Fairfach pub being particularly welcome. 

I look forward to clearer views of the estuaries and castles (all 6 of them) next year.

It was a real pleasure to finish on home turf and to finish in a stronger state than the last one.

I hope the chap who rode down on Friday from Shropshire, and who stocked up on food at the Gwachel before setting off northwards into the wind, made it back home OK.


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