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I'm about 18 months out from the big five "0" and have been mooching about on-line for a suitable two wheeled challenge to take on as alternative to an affair or a fast car for the mid life crisis.
The trans continental holds huge interest with the caveat that there is no sure way of attaining a place, and while happy to spend long hours on the bike and sleep in a hedge, the reports of extremely busy roads and bad dogs leave me somewhat leery.

Likewise, PBP whilst having the masochistic itinerary reads as a pretty featureless start to finish bash through less than stellar countryside.

Are there other rides/challenges out there that I am missing?

Of course the option to ride solo on a self organised trip is one way to go, but if there was something organised that has slipped through my google search I'd be very appreciate to hear about it.

*NB Strictly road bike, not MTB.

This -

Aunt Maud:
☝︎ That.

Or this ☞

The Seldom Killer:
There's any number of other 1200+ rides which you can get from the ACP calendars. Usually a couple in India every year andRussia as well.

There's the Sverigetempot which I think is yearly.

Next year, subject to interest in the Transcontinental there may be another one of a similar format being proposed.

I thought about an epic ride for my 50th and decided simply to go col-bagging in the Alps.  Absolutely brilliant.  Even the Col du Madelene in the wet  :facepalm:  As for the Col du Saulude as 4th col on the pointiest ever topo, looking across to Alp d'Huez on the other side of the valley. Then Ventoux before breakfast on the actual birthday.  Ho hum.  Makes this morning's train journey from London to York more bearable.   8)


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