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The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by Guy on Today at 08:10:05 am »
Yorkshire, with a picture of some bloke I've never heard of.

Not bad, considering my dad was from Lancashire, my mum from Letchworth, and I've lived all my life a few miles from Biggleswade.

At least I'm not Danny Dyer :hand:
The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by nobby on Today at 07:46:28 am »
Come on, own up - who the fuck calls a snail a Dod Man?!!

Alfred Watkins in his book about ley lines mentions them as a country folk's name for snails because they resemble the ancient surveyor with his two staffs who was a dod-man.
The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by MikeFromLFE on Today at 07:37:11 am »
I'm a Kate Winslet groupie too. If that means I've elements of RP in my speech then I'll buy it.
Although I've lived in Leicester for the last 35 years I was brought up in North London, and am frequently asked if I'm a Londoner , so it seems that I do have a bloody awful speaking voice.
I recall that as a teenager I used to visit a second hand record shop in Shepherds Bush, so that's the West London connection.
The Pub / Re: friday by the fireside
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 06:57:39 am »
Asteroth once did a summer internship at the Saniflo design office.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Redlight on Today at 06:55:11 am »
Still waters run deep - The Four Tops
Rides and Touring / Re: Mid-Essex Mid-Week Nocturnal Series
« Last post by Oscar's dad on Today at 06:37:52 am »
The Railway would be good... then I can get the train home  :thumbsup:
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by canny colin on Today at 06:33:33 am »
Young Hearts Run Free ~ Candi Staton
OT Knowledge / Re: Hotels & COVID tests...
« Last post by Davef on Today at 06:32:15 am »
Independent hotel - would be lateral flow.  Premier Inn & Travelodge doing their price gouging best as usual (no tests req'd AFAIA).  Price hiked second time I looked at the dates

possible scenario:  travel, arrrive, do lateral flow, get false positive, have no accomodation.  Will be post second vaccination.

Delete the Travelodge cookies manually if you are returning to look at the same booking again . . .  they've seen you before and stiff the price . . .   and if you need to book more than one room make separate bookings, clearing the cookies, or the prices will rise for the addtional bookings.

Or go incognito mode. Same principle applies for airline tickets etc etc.
Did that work ? Most are simply basing price on remaining rooms / seats. They count both completed and in progress bookings so having multiple bookings in progress will push the price up. Disabling cookies might cause your multiple views to be treated as separate in progress bookings.
Food & Drink / Re: The Bread Thread
« Last post by Hot Flatus on Today at 06:08:41 am »
I use fresh yeast, and mix up a slurry using 50% of the flour. Leave for 45 minutes. Then add rest of flour (including 10% semolina flour), Rise for an hour or so. Then shape into balls and prove for about 6 hours. Beautiful yeasty flavour.

I have tried using my sourdough, but too much faff vs advantage.  Be interested to continue to hear of your experiments though. 
Phototalk / Re: Reading images off an EOS-1D MkII
« Last post by The French Tandem on Today at 05:45:56 am »
Canon products are notorious for their lack of Linux-friendliness. I have a Canon printer bought in 2005 or 2006, still working now. The only way I managed to make it works with Linux machines is to run a virtual machine within the Linux OS, run an old Windows xp on the virtual machine, and send PDF files of everything I wish to print to a shared public storage space. A very fine printer otherwise :)

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