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Title: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: Pedaldog on January 03, 2017, 04:40:29 pm
I need to go Low Carb' and, as there seem to be a few in here with Diabetes, anybody like to share some decent recipes?
For myself, seafood is out, I'm wary of Ketogenic stuff, but not unwilling to try it.
Main things I'd like to see are interesting soups, broths, Dal, and stews.
Title: Re: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: T42 on January 03, 2017, 05:25:28 pm
We don't use any recipes for diabetics, rather I eat like anyone else but take only small quantities of fat and carb. I usually eat 85-100g of pumpernickel at breakfast & in the evening, and very small portions of pasta or rice if a meal involves them.  E.g. breakfast is usually two slices of boiled ham & two of pumpernickel, which has a low GI for bread. Any bread I eat has to have whole seeds in.  As far as meat goes it's usually poultry & often duck, but nowadays much of the fat (and therewith the taste) has been eliminated from pork as well.  I do eat a lot of fish, too.

On the veg side there's an axiom that anything that grows underground is bad for diabetics. That's a bit extreme, but does tell you what to be wary of.  I dislike most other veg, unfortunately.

Sweet stuff/desserts/fruit:

I avoid pears & bananas which have lots of free sugar, ditto grapes and, to a lesser extent, kakis and cherries.   OTOH I can eat large quantities of strawberries. Not sure about rasp/blackberries, oranges are OK (orange juice is not, the fibre has been removed). Peaches/apricots OK within reason. Reason = two portions a day. IIRC the limit is the equivalent of 10g of glucose.

In general, fibre in fruit slows the absorption of sugar and even "conceals" some of it so that it passes out of the body. When fruit is cooked the fibre is broken down and the sugar released, so that cooked fruit is out. Slow freezing does much the same.

Strangely enough, I'm allowed two balls of ice cream for dessert (they didn't say what size so there's a lot of liberty there). Plain low-fat (4% or less) yoghurt.  Yoghurt containing fruit but no added sugar: take a long spoon, because much of the juice has been freed of the fibre and the sugar is more quickly absorbed.

I avoid biscuits: even the sugar-free dietetic ones are full of starch.

If I'm going to be doing ~100k next day I have carte blanche to carb-load the night before. Unless it's a long event I usually don't, but I'll have around 85g dry weight of pasta for breakfast.  One of the compensations of cycling, and especially Audax, is that after ~50 my metabolism works normally and I can eat like a human. 4-day events are pig heaven and who cares about deadlines. (Well, me, but...)

WRT recipe books: we do have a few, but I've rarely enjoyed anything out of them. They tend to be a bit precious.

Looking back over this I can see I've left a lot out, but the principles are: small portions of anything containing carbs in high percentages, and prefer foods with high fibre content.
Title: Re: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: hellymedic on January 03, 2017, 06:55:05 pm
100ml of Sainsbury's Soft Scoop vanilla ice cream contains 8.2 grams of sugar, which isn't a great deal.

(By weight it's 67% water and 33% solids; by volume, it's 58% gas!)

Cheap 'foam' ice cream spreads its sugar quite thinly, then mixes it with fat, delaying absorption, so a diabetic can enjoy moderate portions without too much guilt!
Title: Re: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: T42 on January 04, 2017, 08:32:13 am
Yup. I usually reserve my ration for family feast-days or days when I've done or am in the middle of 100k+ rides.

Realized that I forgot about a couple of things:

While I'm off steak & most red meats for coronary reasons, steak & salad is great for losing weight.  Game (venison, boar, wildfowl, etc) have very low fat.

Drinks: zero alcohol.  The missus calls it "useless calories", i.e. from a metabolic rather than social POV. There's also some metabolic complication whose details I've forgotten, but basically it can make you gain weight above and beyond its own calorie content. Something to do with processing priority.  Likewise, no sugar-free sweetened drinks, which fool your pancreas into thinking there's sugar coming aboard and cranking out insulin in response. That way lies insulin resistance and real diabetes.  It takes a good while, but...  And no sugar or sweeteners in tea or coffee. They'll taste bloody for a week or two, after which they'll taste bloody with.

All that there ^^^ is the scripture, so to speak.  I can't pretend to follow it religously: sometimes I get bloody-minded and allow myself a couple of biscuits, and I'm a sucker for sugar-free chocolate etc. Or madame forgets and brings home an entrecĂ´te and a packet of andouillette, my great foible.  I try to keep it to a minimum, though: the dogs helped out with the last lot of andouillette.
Title: Re: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: Pedaldog on January 07, 2017, 11:55:05 pm
What's the deal with Lentils? I like a Dal and not sure if green lentils, skin on, are safe with carbs?
Title: Re: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: Gattopardo on February 09, 2017, 12:09:27 pm
Bigger issue is processed carbs slow release carbs are fine. Look at brown/wild rice also look at whole wheat and spelt pastas.

What type are you?
Title: Re: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: Pedaldog on March 02, 2017, 11:13:44 pm
Forgot I'd started thi thread, sorry. I'll start putting stuff in over the next few days.

I'm type 2, but also because of the Traumatic Brain Injuries, I have Diabetes Insipidus. It is the World's most socially restrictive disorder!
Title: Re: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: T42 on March 03, 2017, 08:46:21 am
So you could sit in the House of Lords as a Liberal Peer. ;D

Nah, sympathy, sounds like a bummer.
Title: Re: Recipes for Diabetics.
Post by: ElyDave on April 25, 2020, 05:08:12 pm
Here's one I make periodically, but haven't done for a while until this morning. 

Almond pancakes - for 2 generour portions

100g almond flour / ground almonds
1 tsp bicarb
1 egg
30ml water
Juice of half a lemon

Mix dry ingredients
Whisk egg and water and mix in, makes a faairly stiff mix.
Add in the lemon juice, and mix

Makes 4 pancakes from a generously heaped dessertspoon.  I fry them in groundnut oil as it's low flavour, low-medium heat on one side until bubbles appear across the surface, and flip over. You're looking for a nice golden brown.

I serve them for breakfast with stewed berries, apples etc and a nice dollop of thick greek yogurt. Also good at lunch with something like mushrooms, greens and an egg on top.

2 dessertspoons fried as pancakes is quite filling