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--- Quote from: JonBuoy on 15 December, 2020, 11:32:28 am ---Three years ago my GPS went for a bit of a wander around while I was having coffee with a couple of mates.  The resulting 5k spike nabbed a few tiles before I even knew what they were.

This means that I have a false positive for one tile that fortunately isn't part of my square or cluster.  I know that I could delete the ride from Strava, edit the spike out then re-upload it but that would lose the comments, photo's etc.  I would just go and grab it properly but it is 70k away, in a lower Covid tier and it is December so I wondered if anyone could think of an easier fix.

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I did the decent thing yesterday - used a day of holiday to grab the spurious tile for real.

180k in (mostly) glorious sunshine with just a few spots of rain.  I had my knees out and the twattish tan lines are developing nicely  ::-)

I managed to grab 41 tiles in addition to the important one and bumped my cluster up by 51.  None of the tracks were even remotely comparable with imajez's but 25mm GP4000s on the summer bike weren't exactly ideal:

I also managed to get escorted (nicely) from the massive building site that will probably soon be a new warehouse at DIRFT when the rough 1.8k long bridleway heading west from Yelvertoft just stopped with no signposted diversion.  I really didn't fancy retracing my steps so just headed off into the industrial wasteland to grab a tile  :P


--- Quote from: JonBuoy on 21 April, 2021, 09:27:36 pm ---None of the tracks were even remotely comparable with imajez's but 25mm GP4000s on the summer bike weren't exactly ideal:

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Hard baked mud particularly where horses/cattle have been wandering when wet is awful on almost any bike, let alone 25mm tyres.

I like how you revisited tile out of good conscience.


--- Quote from: Solocle on 20 April, 2021, 02:57:11 pm ---This looks like a lovely quiet country route, right? Well, it is. But for some inexplicable reason it's been deprecated as NCN 254.

It looks like their emphasis is on traffic free routes, not routes suitable for road bikes. And that's fine for the kids - but the sustrans network is not "about it being for everyone", as their CEO says. It's for families out on jollies.

I've long thought that there is a space for a network targeting road cyclists and commuters that avoids busy roads where possible, but fundamentally has a decent surface (fine gravel railway paths may be acceptable with a signed alternative), and takes a direct route.

Sure, there's Strava, but when your GPS gizmos go crackers, at rush hour, it's nice if there are signs to follow, instead of you knowing only one route back home to Oxford, that route being the A34.  :o

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That is very much the emphasis of the national byway - quiet roads. It shares 10% of its lanes with sustrans, but the rest are on quiet low traffic lanes. I rode a couple near Quainton two weeks ago, and they were lovely. Interesting and quiet.

It is nowhere near as extensive as the NCN though.

Trying to catch some more odd tiles, and as usual something different to see.  An old Bedford lorry with a tree growing thro the metal work.

I've got a motorbike in a garden that was doing that, we chopped the undergrowth down to move it but it really needs scrapping.


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