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A mix of roads and dirt tracks joining up pats of the Cowal Way /Dunoon Dirt Dash routes. Loch lomond side is camper wagon alley now , so much for overnights away from Monday. Starting to look at the wind farms and thro tracks in the hills.

Bridleways that were impassable mud a few few weeks back are like concrete now. Did about 20km of them on a 170km ride today. Admiring 54x54 max square whilst glueing fillings back in.

I had my first explorer ride since end of September.  Including some nice bridleways north of Waddesdon up to Winslow, so filled in a corner of my square, 35 to 39x39.  Cluster 1739.

PXL_20210424_1 by a oxon, on Flickr

Spot the tea...   First explore on this bike.

PXL_20210424_3 by a oxon, on Flickr

I started this a month or so ago, not long after I decided to get back on the bike after many years of nothing more than commuting. My previous audax career was all pre-GPS (or at least, I didn't have a GPS device then), so I'm very much starting from scratch. Still - that means I'm at the fun stage of being able to increase my cluster + square with every 30k ride from home :)
Today's jaunt gave me all the nines -- 99 cluster, and a 9x9 max square. Next extended commute should push it up to 10x10 :)

I'm wondering whether to try and complete all of the Vale of White Horse for a first challenge -- I might take advantage of the dry conditions and get some squares along the ridgeway next; relatively rare chance for it to be accessible with 28mm tyres and low clearance mudguards!

 :thumbsup: Welcome to the madhouse  :)


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