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VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square

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--- Quote from: DrBru on 24 April, 2021, 11:13:34 pm ---I started this a month or so ago, not long after I decided to get back on the bike after many years of nothing more than commuting. My previous audax career was all pre-GPS (or at least, I didn't have a GPS device then), so I'm very much starting from scratch. Still - that means I'm at the fun stage of being able to increase my cluster + square with every 30k ride from home :)
Today's jaunt gave me all the nines -- 99 cluster, and a 9x9 max square. Next extended commute should push it up to 10x10 :)


I'm wondering whether to try and complete all of the Vale of White Horse for a first challenge -- I might take advantage of the dry conditions and get some squares along the ridgeway next; relatively rare chance for it to be accessible with 28mm tyres and low clearance mudguards!


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Hi DrBru, I'm based in Abingdon.   :)  I've been vv explorer-ing since end 2018, though logging rides since ~2014.  I've done some of the downs south of the Ridgeway on a 90s rigid frame MTB, but usually I'm on 28/32mm tyres.  Nice and dry at the moment.   I'm planning to finish Swindon area off soonish...  Current square:

vv25042021 by ao, on Flickr

Jonathan F's 100x100 can be useful for ideas for some harder to get squares, as it covers this area.


--- Quote from: Pingu on 24 April, 2021, 11:18:43 pm --- :thumbsup: Welcome to the madhouse  :)

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Also, this has given me an idea: if I only count tiles bagged since I started using Veloviewer, suddenly a lot more of my short, local rides would become more “meaningful”. And since I’m not getting a lot of opportunity to go out in longer rides right now, it might be a good source of motivation to get out on my bike.


Welcome @DrBru

I got another 8 tiles including 2 tricky off-road ones in the Ochils on a ride which netted me 8 new tiles, a cluster increase of 11 and also a max square increase to 17x17.  Getting the two water based tiles on the Loch Leven Paddling trip has given new impetus to max square growing  - can add a few more to that before being bound by the Forth and the Tay.  Will require some serious off road stuff in the Ochils in the NW corner and SUP in the Forth for the SE corner

The Ochlis look like they'll be fun/challenging.


--- Quote from: imajez on 25 April, 2021, 08:33:12 pm ---The Ochlis look like they'll be fun/challenging.

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They are - everyone heads past them on their way to the highlands, but they are a decent range in their own right- as high as 720 m.  However, roads are few and far between, and often very up and down with 20% slopes not uncommon. As a result, need to use a lot of tracks and tody a slog across moorland to bag tiles. Only saw 2 cars in a 2 and a half hour ride and the only cyclists started to appear 20 mins from the end.


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