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Over to the east for tiles between Stirling and Polmont. Ranger v Celtic today so the crap roads should not be very busy. Cluster up to 1901 as a few gaps filled in.

Rain and persistent north-easterlies have put my plans for heading south to the unpaved ridgeway on hold. So I got out early this morning (6am) to pick off a few tiles along the horrible road between Oxford and Eynsham. Square up to 10x10 now, and cluster to 128 (52.2% of my total tiles -- showing I haven't done many far flung rides!).
Two broken spokes in 40k shows it is time for a wheel rebuild, not just the fake ones I do on the road...


--- Quote from: Davef on 28 April, 2021, 04:43:16 pm ---There is a tile explorer IQ app I have on my garmin. It means you don’t have to go too far down dead ends before turning.

--- End quote ---

After much faffing about, I’ve now managed to install this on the Garmin. Thanks for the tip.

A Saturday ferry trip over to Yell for a change. Not too much too far off roading for us this time, with lambing going on, but a nice road loop round the south half of the island, picking up the stray tiles that weren't too much work to get to.
By the end Yell will involve a lot of MTB coastal stuff and a lot more hill run/hike through the rough peat hags in the middle, so it'll be a long term project.
Little video -


The stupid thing had an eppy about halfway round today’s ride, which meant I lost half a dozen tiles I’d bagged up to that point. I wouldn’t mind so much but it was a tough route, very lumpy with some dreadful road surfaces, so I’m not relishing going out and doing it all over again.

Fortunately, it behaved for the rest of the ride so I have at least secured a couple of really tricky tiles I was after - they were grim ones, involving riding on busy main roads and crossing motorway junctions. Ugh! Very glad I won’t have to do those again.

Suffering a bout of cramp and several punctures in the final 30km didn’t improve my mood at all.

I suspect the everytile app could be the cause of the problems - it was misbehaving even before I set off and it took lots of faffing about to even upload the route to the device. I’ll uninstall it and see if it behaves better on my next outing.


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