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Yes - love it. Well worth the £10/year. In fact I've planned a ride around scenic Redbridge to fill in a few gaps in the tile board this weekend...


--- Quote from: Chris S on June 13, 2018, 11:12:11 am ---We picked up this addiction from Deano, I think. Fboab is much more committed to it than me.

--- End quote ---

So he's YACF patient zero ?

I thought Deano caught it from Salvatore?

I think of it as an encouragement to trespass :facepalm:

I'm on 14 x 14 but getting bigger needs Moors or, erm, rowing?


It's rather addictive. I've got multiple 8x8 squares, I think if I can plan the route right tho, I'm about 1 or 2 rides away from jumping to about 15x15.

I'm gonna hit a limit soon due to the sea... and a lake...


Not seen this before. I have three overlapping 11x11s centred on north London. A visit to Redbridge and Golders Green would boost that to 13x13, and not many more to get something like 18x18 covering Eltham to South Mimms. Looks tricky after that.

*must not get sucked in*


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