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Rose bikes stops selling to the UK

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Apparently is has become illegal to ship bikes from Europe with the UK brake arrangement: <- scroll down to 09:23

This has to be bolx isn't it?  If it were true it would surely get killed on discrimination grounds in minutes.  Imagine telling a rider with poor motor control on the left side they can only have left/front brakes.  Front brakes require finesse, Cerebral Palsy or stroke sufferers (to name just two conditions) might have that on one side but not the other.

[Edited to add 'from Europe']

Presumably this also affects Ireland, Cyprus, Malta (not to mention a whole load of other places they probably don't ship to anyway)?

I read this as a UK restriction.

Rose bikes say they are going to serial production - so will only setup bikes on one way. Their majority market is EU, so that will be with the EU brake setup.

If the UK is insisting on UK brake setup, then Rose can't ship.

Bikes need to meet the BS standard when sold in(to) the UK.
The age old dodge was to not fit pedals so you didn't have to fit a full complement of reflectors and bell.

Even though Rose are based in Germany any sales to the UK will probably still count as sold in the UK due to distance selling harmonisation.
The obvious way round is to have an EU address you can buy the bike from and then import it yourself at which point the sales restrictions don't count.

Is this just bikes, or are they stopping selling to the UK entirely?


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