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Does anyone else read this? Its kind of like Rouler for Audax/ Randonneuring (and around the same price point), but also with articles on cycling history, touring, gravel/ rough stuff, cyclocross and even a little road racing. It seems to grown out of a Fanzine to being a full scale magazine.

I would say theirs a bias towards their own interests and also RenĂ© Herse (which the Editors inherited from the Herse family), but they don't make any attempt to hide the direct link to their other commercial interests.  I guess it's similar to the Rivendell Reader, although I think Jan Heine started BQ before he had his own brand Compass.

I have a subscription to BQ and look forward to it arriving through the mail. I find it a great bedside/on the bog read.
Im probably a little biased in truth as I wrote one of the articles a while back on my experiences in TCRno6.  We also had a more recent one published on our new Firefly Rando/touring builds.
It hits the areas of cycling that interest us, is really well constructed and makes a great coffee table mag if you are into that kind or riding.
Yan is quite the maverick in some regards. He doesn't make any secret of the fact that he is promoting his own products. I find him passionate about his craft and quite the lateral thinker.

What does Jan reckon to the Open UP?

That is the question I really want the answer to.


UK importers who are also frame builders

i did go to read his blog few years ago, but due to too many hmm.. "improvised facts", decided it's not worth my time - i must be one of those close minded cyclists who's stuck in their old ways.

i saw him (i think) riding out of carhaix on pbp'19 on my way back to paris, with a large bar bag and fat tyres (easy things to spot).


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