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I have my bikes and house contents insured with Pedalcover for theft.
The renewal is due in March.
They've just advised me that they have changed their underwriter from AXA to NIG, and because my house is in an area where there is risk of subsidence, they are no longer able to offer me insurance cover.

Does anyone have any recommendations for contents cover insurance?

I gave up on Pedalcover this year due to the exremely high premium. I found M&S insurance is currently offering cover for expensive bikes so moved to them.

I did renew with Pedalcover, but with a heavy heart. The premium was very little different, but they'd stripped out the home emergency cover, and the 'bikes in a garage' requirements are somewhat more onerous.
I'll be looking carefully for what recommendations come up later this year.
They're a good company, but they've dropped it this time.

Tim Hall:
Ah. I'm in the process of renewing and am looking at Pedal cover. The garage thing is proving an issue for me too - currently my rented garage is too far from my flat but they've referred it upwards.

Jurek,have you tried Old Git Insurance Saga? I'm with them at the moment,but they're quoting a bit of a hike in the premium. This could be the "stick the price up and hope the punter doesn't notice", but they might offer a better deal to new business.

Oh, that doesn’t sound good . I keep my bikes in a shared stairwell, with a honking great chain & Pragmaxis anchor.  They were Ok about that when I took the policy out a couple of years ago, I’ll have to check when the renewal comes through  :(


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