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Death of André Dufraisse


I should have passed this on a bit earlier. André Dufraisse, bon Limousin and world cyclo-cross champion five years running from 1954 to 1958, died the 22nd february. He was 94. He was less well-known than Raymond Poulidor and stayed very close to his limousin rootsj. I remember him being present as guest of honor at a local triathlon a few years back.

For those who understand french,24cd5cd9,24cd635c&p1=2202048&p2=2202048    I am sorry to say I forgot to ask my MiL to keep me the relevant copy of Le Populaire; Cyril Guimard's obit would have been worth a read.

And for those who would like a bit of vintage limousin cyclo-cross

Cheers Jo

I did think this ought to me in the Racing section but then  ??? ???

HK and I met him at Poulidor’s 75th birthday party in 2011. Seemed like a nice, well-respected bloke, though we had to be educated about his history.

Sad loss.

Amazing what they did on bikes with centre or even sidepulls at the start of his era and before.


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