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Strava art tools
« on: January 16, 2021, 10:09:38 am »
This may be a bit mad, but hey, we're all going crackers in lockdown.

I want to challenge my Scouts to draw some "Strava art" type images on local roads using mapping tools, then go out and walk/cycle/run/skateboard/hula hoop them for exercise, and/or challenge other Scouts to spot where they were on the map. So, I want tools where they can:
  • Draw routes
  • Remove the map layers so that they just get the tracks showing
I can do the first step on Google Maps. That's important because I need to avoid things that require registration, sharing of personal information, etc, and because everyone has access to Google Maps and (probably) some idea how to use it. I want to avoid arcane tools with learning curves.

However, perhaps unsurprisingly, Google don't expect you to want to hide the mapping layer. I also want to hide the markers on the destinations that you used to make the route, as they are dead giveaways.

As I mentioned, doesn't have to be Google Maps, but does have to meet the criteria above. Any thoughts? Strava itself, for example, is really meant for adult registrations, and even then I don't know whether it would let you hide the maps. Or maybe draw on one tool, then an easy transfer to a track visualiser. Rotation would be a bonus; my test of a bike sketch on local roads on Google Maps has the bike hanging vertically at present :-) But that can be done in any old image editor.

Edit: it's possible I'm over-complicating this, but I'm interested to find the best alternative. This is a screen grab from Google Maps, with the clues just wiped out in an image editor. Looks a bit like a bike... The main issue is that wiping out the clues also sometimes wipes out the track. Obviously it's possible to use a phone or GPS to record a track, rather than draw it, but I still need a tool to visualise it without a map.

Re: Strava art tools
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If I have correctly understood what you are trying to achieve one of many options is:

Go to

Draw your art.

On the Layers tab select 'More'.

Select a layer that doesn't cover the area where your art is such as @OpenStreetMap (Belgian Style) or something in Russian.

The map will disappear but the art will remain.

Re: Strava art tools
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Thanks, that's been really helpful.