Author Topic: How can I stop a neighbour feeding my cat?  (Read 242 times)


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How can I stop a neighbour feeding my cat?
« on: Yesterday at 07:38:56 am »
He's diabetic and what/how much he eats is important.  He is also on various tablets.  The neighbour is the reason he became obese (5.9kg and he's a small cat) and diabetic in the first place.  She thinks I don't feed him enough and was giving him entire meals.  She becomes stroppy if confronted about it and said she would just give him a small piece of chicken so he goes away.  Last night he came back at 10pm and (no exaggeration) threw up the equivalent of half a chicken and half a sachet of cat food, all undigested.  His liver medication was the last thing in, so he didn't get that yesterday.  She will kill him if this carries on.  I can keep him indoors but he will hate that.
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Re: How can I stop a neighbour feeding my cat?
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I think you have to speak with her. The problem is she thinks she is being kind and that you do not feed your cat enough. You have to convince her that you love your cat, that the cat's diet is part of the vet's instructions, and that additional food will prevent his medication from working which would make him poorly and uncomfortable.

She might deny an accusation. Perhaps say, 'we love Mr Tiddles and we are concerned about his diabetes and have strict instructions from the vet not to over-feed him and to make sure he gets his diabetes tablets. Recently he's been throwing up and the tablets the vet prescribed for Mr Tiddles's health will have been in his vomit and so he won't have been getting the benefit of them. We don't want to prevent him from leaving the house, because he would hate that, and we care about his wellbeing as well as his physical health. Do you know of anyone in the neighbourhood who might have been feeding him half chickens and cat food pouches? I know it can't have been you because we discussed this previously and you promised to cooperate with us.'

Does your neighbour have pets? Is there a particular reason why she wants to provide for your cat?


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Re: How can I stop a neighbour feeding my cat?
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Go round with the last vet bill and say that it is only fair that, since she is sharing the cat, she shares the vet bills.
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Re: How can I stop a neighbour feeding my cat?
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My symaphathies. What fruitcake says all sounds very reasonable, but I don't envy you trying to have the conversation. Jaded's might be the next step after that.

Alternatively, do you have a fenced in back garden that you could put this cat proof fencing on? (I know you probably don't want to do that, what with trying to sell your house in a bit.

Not sure if RSPCA would help given that overfeeding is also animal abuse...
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