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Freewheeling / Re: Lost my cycling mojo
« Last post by Pingu on Yesterday at 10:11:58 pm »
The Pub / Re: 40s scooter restoration
« Last post by Peter on Yesterday at 10:08:22 pm »
Everything was a bit too clean - especially the fingers.  The bit that really made me wince was the handlebars spinning around out of the back end of the lathe  :o

Me. too!  and the cavalier fashion in which he emery-ed parts in a moving chuck.  But the film was generallly terrific - loads more fun than TV!  I particularly liked the way he re-welded and finished the handlebars.  But, as has been mentioned up-thread, pride of place goes to the casting of the wheels and grips.  This is a nerd of the first water.  Long may he prosper.
Freewheeling / Re: Lost my cycling mojo
« Last post by ian on Yesterday at 10:02:48 pm »
I mojo'ed myself into an actual ride today. Ninety kilometres on the Brompton. I think someone resurfaced the seat with sandpaper while I was away. It's a good job I don't want children because it doesn't feel like that will be an option from now on. The powers that be organized a special headwind to celebrate my tour of south London's favourite flytipping spots. For bonus points, I was in the wrong gear for the big hill I live on, but because I am a man, and thus mostly idiot with a bit of stupid, I didn't give up. Now I have jello legs.

The nurse is administering beer.
The Pub / Re: What have you fettled today?
« Last post by vorsprung on Yesterday at 09:46:39 pm »
putting a new tyre on a wheelbarrow is a total bastard.  Forget your tubeless tyre fitting problems, do a wheelbarrow and you'll know what pain is

I had to trim excess rubber off the tyre, warm it in the oven, clean the wheel with a wire brush
Sod deer park, I really want a house with a moat.

We walked past a house the other month which had a moat. And not just that, it was a two-level moat with a fucking waterfall. That's just gratuitous.

Our garden features a 'fox park.'

On the subject of deer, a while back we were walking through a big deer park (somewhere down Eridge way) and they were all muttering. Hundreds of them, looking at us, and making a strange muttering noise that I've never heard before. Very odd. We were eating Bakewell tarts.

In other animal-related news, everyone should look up Biggy Pop (he's Iggy Pop's Moluccan cockatoo). Got some moves, that bird.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Television tonight: what's worth watching?
« Last post by rafletcher on Yesterday at 09:37:11 pm »
Not tonight, but do try and find it. A Storyville from BBC4 “A German Life” or Goebbels Secretary. Astounding. Film from the Warsaw ghetto I’ve never seen before, amongst other extraordinary information.
The Pub / Re: 40s scooter restoration
« Last post by Pingu on Yesterday at 09:35:26 pm »
Wonderful stuff. The scooter took 50 days!

I watched it 2x speed so it only took 25.
The Knowledge / Re: Bagman on B17
« Last post by Paul H on Yesterday at 09:32:24 pm »
The Bagman still uses the loops, although the third strap goes around the Bagman rather than the seatpost.
Not that QR version.
It is tight, the QR top plate always pretty much touches the rails on a B17 and depending on your post clamp they may simply be incompatible. A different post or saddle might be a different story.
See this photo

If you can do away withthe QR feature, a standard bracket (Using the bag loops) will fit batter, I have the necessary part kicking about if you want it.
I'm surprised they keep records.  The Europa thing is only a money-making thing for teams of the second rank.
The Pub / Re: friday by the fireside
« Last post by ian on Yesterday at 09:20:32 pm »
They install them too high because they are too tall. Reduce their height with a chainsaw at the knees so they have to live your experience. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes, they say. As a boon, they won't be needing those shoes.
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