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Portugal Tours Update
« on: 24 November, 2016, 05:41:08 pm »
Hello again

Fancy somewhere new for 2017... or a return visit if you liked the peaceful roads, lack of rain (compared to the UK), excellent (cheap) wine, ruined castles, great cakes, wonderful beaches etc on your last visit?

The Pedal Portugal schedule for next year now includes tours taking place in for the whole of 2017. We're repeating the three routes we did last year (Algarve Winter, Border Castles and Eastern Explorer) plus adding one new route for early spring

The Southern Spring Tour takes in both the southern Alentejo and south-west Algarve (that's the least developed part). It begins from Beja on Sunday 5th March and takes in a real range of landscapes - rolling plains, hills and the spectacular coastline at the extreme SW corner of Europe.

At the moment there's a 10% discount on the first two tours of the year if booked by 15th December.

We've also adopted the disaster relief charity ShelterBox and will be giving a £15 donation to the charity for every rider on one of our tours. 

For the full schedule - and links to info for each individual tour - have a look at

If you want to see reviews of previous tours please visit

Cheers, Huw