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That's a really great write up, thanks, so much so I don't have the slightest desire to emulate. I'll read about it instead. Mind you, I wish I had years ago.
You could cash your pension in and pay for a chopper to take you to the top of each of the cols. :-)
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That looks just fabulous. I'd love to do something like that (but my skiing skills are unlikely to ever be good enough, and there too many other things I want to do more).
You do have to be able to ski pretty much any type of snow, but if that puts you off, you could always do it as a Summertime trek. I think it takes two or three days more.
Here you go. Eight days to walk it plus a day either side to travel and prepare.
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Excellent and thoroughly enjoyable write up. I spent all of my childhood summers in that neck of the woods so it's an area very close to my heart.

The Swiss maps are true works of art. I wanted to wallpaper our living room in them but wasn't allowed.

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Finally got our hands on the guide's photos.

I forgot that there were two patches of no snow, this was the second one.

The full team atop Pigne d'Arolla

The early morning departure from the Vignettes hut.

Andrew pulling a perfect turn on perfect snow with the perfect backdrop.
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