Author Topic: Magic link pliers done really cheap. No, really really cheap.....  (Read 2836 times)


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You know those Park Tool pliers for undoing magic links? that cost more than a tenner? Well here's a way of doing it for a few quid:
  • buy some tiny pliers, dead cheap.
  • file them so they are very narrow and fit through a chain, then file a small round hole in them
First, file them so they become really narrow:

then file a small hole in them (the pic is better than my words:

this sort of gives an overall idea, but the focus is all off:

Now, I'd be the first to say I nicked this idea from somewhere, probably this forum, but can't find the original. Suffice it to say the original poster did a far better job than I have done.
I already own the Park Tool version, but thought this would be a useful addition to a toolkit for touring as it can be a pair of normal pliers as well as a magic link widget.
Besides, it wouldn't be audacious if success were guaranteed.


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Re: Magic link pliers done really cheap. No, really really cheap.....
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If you have access to a bench grinder that's a far quicker way to thin the jaws and cut the slots (and I would have made the slots a little nearer the tips of the jaws)

That said ... I bought a Super B quick link tool that not only opens the links but closes them too - this  (I got mine at cost price)

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