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PBP personal stats
« on: 25 August, 2019, 12:02:47 pm »
so, going through my gps data i've put together key metrics and notes from my ride. please share yours and how the ride went for you.

control          tot.dist      tot.time   leg.dist/elev        leg.sp     leg.cad       stopped@ctrl    notes

villaines        216km    6h34       216km/2126m    33.1kph   194w       82rpm       135bpm   3min                   (stamp, water)

fougeres       306km    9h30       90km/915m        30.9kph    179w      78rpm        129bpm   5min                  (stamp, water, wc)

tinteniac        361km   11h19     55km/466m         31.9kph   166w       80rpm       122bpm   2min                  (stamp)

loudeac        446km    14h21     85km/907m        28.8kph    163w       76rpm       115bpm   11min               (stamp, water, food (3xcake + coffee), wc)

carhaix          523km   17h26      77km/931m       27.0kph    163w       74rpm       118bpm   18min               (stamp, water, food (2xcroissant, banana, coffee), wc)

brest              613km    21h10     90km/891m        26.1kph    148w       74rpm      108bpm    2min                 (stamp, water)

carhaix          697km   24h03      84km/1035m     29.4kph    162w       80rpm       114bpm   22min               (stamp, water, food (sandwich, coffee), wc, ch.lube)

loudeac         787km   27h59     90km/1153m     25.4kph     136w       73rpm       110bpm   13min              (stamp, water, food (energy bars))

tinteniac        874km   31h29      87km/800m       26.4kph     138w      80rpm       103bpm    11min              (stamp, water, wc, warm clothes)

fougeres       929km    34h00      55km/514m      23.5kph     131w       72rpm       99bpm     16min              (stamp, water, food (energy bars, coffee), wc)

(le ribay        1000km  38h00                                                                                                           110min            (water, food (sandwich, coffee), wc, sleep stop*))

villaines        1018km  40h36      89km/1051m   20.6kph     129w       61rpm       101bpm    3min                (stamp, warm clothes off)

mortagne      1103km  44h05     85km/984m      24.9kph     146w       74rpm       112bpm    7min                (stamp, water, pump the rear tyre up)

dreux             1181km  47h17     78km/634m      25.3kph     117w       73rpm       103bpm    6min                (stamp, water, wc)

rambouillet   1225km  48h53     44km/390m      29.7kph      177w      80rpm       120bpm    --                       arrivee

*90min of misery on the second night @980km, shivering cold, no energy, falling asleep while riding - 20km/256m 14.4kph 90w 43rpm 95bpm

Re: PBP personal stats
« Reply #1 on: 27 August, 2019, 12:54:17 pm »
I hope the formatting is legible! Overall, I was really consistent in terms of pace, and spent far too long at the controls eating pasta! Didn't quite make my sub-70h target, but I was very happy in the end. Most of the time I rode solo or with small groups, which is less efficient (than sitting on a big train) but it was an approach I was comfy with.

Control   Overall distance   Overall time   Leg distance   Leg time   Leg time (moving)   Leg speed   Stopped en-route   Stopped at control   Notes
Mortagne   117.6   04:26:30   117.6   04:26:30   04:25:55   26.5   00:00:35   00:26:30   Hung back from the early trains. Best ever pains aux raisins at Mortagne!
Villaines   216.4   08:59:42   98.8   04:06:42   04:05:02   24.2   00:01:40   00:28:18   Slowed to wait for a friend and waited at Villaines. Had the first of many bowls of pasta.
Fougeres   305.9   13:11:40   89.5   03:43:40   03:39:47   24.4   00:03:53   00:44:20   Hooked up with another rider to share the work, but was doing a lot to drive the pace.
Loudeac   445.5   20:35:30   139.6   06:39:30   06:01:24   23.2   00:38:06   05:00:30   Pushed hard, but mentally knocked by rain. Very miserable, wanted to stop. "Sleep" at Loudeac useless!
Carhaix   522.3   04:48:06   76.8   03:12:06   03:06:24   24.7   00:05:42   00:55:54   Separated from buddy, rode pretty much alone all day. Beautiful misty start.
Brest   611.9   09:34:15   89.6   03:50:15   03:46:35   23.7   00:03:40   00:38:45   Really hot on the ascent to Roc and then on to Brest; mentally feeling good.
Carhaix   695.7   13:52:19   83.9   03:39:19   03:35:24   23.4   00:03:55   00:57:41   Still hot on the first part of the return, but riding well. R achilles sore. Pasta at every control getting a bit boring.
Loudeac   785.3   19:23:39   89.5   04:33:39   04:18:34   20.8   00:15:05   05:44:21   Really tired on the run-in to Loudeac, temp dropping. Actually slept 4h! R achilles sore
Fougeres   872.3   04:52:48   87.0   03:44:48   03:33:45   24.4   00:11:03   00:19:12   Hooked up with another rider - the start of a great partnership that took us both through to the finish.
Villaines   1016.4   11:24:19   144.2   06:12:19   05:51:49   24.6   00:20:30   02:08:41   Really hot, but working well. Driving the pace, feeling strong. Small rest at Quedilliac, decent lunch at Tinteniac.
Mortagne   1099.6   16:55:26   83.2   03:22:26   03:13:50   25.8   00:08:36   00:52:34   Really motoring, driving the pace with Greg. Feeling pretty good, all things considered.
Rambouillet   1221.0   23:34:48   121.4   05:46:48   05:03:21   24.0   00:43:27      Last section pretty much ideal; felt strong, working well with the team. Section on my own was a bit miserable, but soon back in the group and motoring. Finished with a sprint at 4:50am!
Total   distance 1221.0   Total time 71:34:48         Total moving time 50:41:50   Ave speed 24.08   Mid-leg stops 2:36:12   Total time stoped at controls 18:16:46   


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Re: PBP personal stats
« Reply #2 on: 29 August, 2019, 03:23:21 pm »
Slightly different format...

Total Distance 1225km
RWGPS Moving time: 59:34:19
RWGPS Stopped Time: 27:05:01
Official time: 86:32:32

Ramboulliet to Mortagne: 4h 41m, 25.5kmh
Stopped at control: 36:55 - Lots of Faffing, first to get water, then a roll, then to get another roll to carry into the night

Mortagne to Villaines: 4h 30m, 23.5kmh
Stopped at the Café in Vivoin for 9m to eat roll and watch riders pass through while another rider slept of the steps
Stopped at a shop in Villaines for food intending to bounce control 7m
Stopped at control for 40m as wanted even more food...

Villaines to Fougeres: 5h 11:21, 21.2kmh
Stopped for 30m at the cafe in Ambrieres-les-vallées; think I had a 15m snooze after eating
Appear to have had a 4m comfort break before Gorron, unusual as most others show as a few seconds.
Stopped at Lidl for 15m to get some supplies for my back pocket, i.e. Haribo, and also pstries
Stopped at control for 57 minutes

Fougeres to Quedilliac: 4h 43, 20.7kmh
Stopped for 31mins at Sens-de_Bretagne, needed more suncream, needed to use public WC.
Stopped for 16 mins at Tinteniac, to control and get water.
Stopped at Quedilliac for 56 minutes, got a very substandard plate of box pastas with a slice of ham on it IIRC

Quedilliac to Loudeac: 3hrs, 19.5kmh
No intermediate stops
Stopped at Loudeac for 25m

Loudeac to St Nicolas: 2hr 37m, 18.2kmh
Stopped at a Tabac on the way out of town but it was rammed with riders , 4m wasted
Stopped at Tabac in Treve, bottle of coca and a shop raid, took a mental note to stop on the return if they were still there
Stopped for 56m, think I had a 15m snooze, certainly didn't spend all that time controlling and then eating in the cafe

St Nicolas to Carhaix: 1hr 37, 20.5kmh
No intermediate stops
Stopped at Carhaix for 1hr 37m; First sleep of reasonable length, 1h IIRC

Carhaix to Brest: 5hr 48m, 19.2kmh
3m stop at Huelgoat, can't remember why, possibly comfort break
7m stop at Passing Kerelcun, can't remember why, possibly a long faffy comfort break
1.5m stop at La Feuilée, probably another comfort break, I get like this after a while
12m stop at the top of the Roc, 10m sleep in a lounger at a motorhome.
30m stop at Sizun for Breakfast split between Patiserie and Café, note made to stop on return which I estimated to be lunch time
7m stopped on Pont albert-Louppe
5m stopped at a patisierie on the climb up to Brest
Stopped for 55m at Brest which is disappointing as all I did was control and get changed.

Overall RWGPS Stats to Brest
38hrs 19m - My slowest 600km to that point (I've always been in the 37hrs range)
Moving time 28:43:48
Stopped Time 09:35:23


Brest to Carhaix: 5hrs 20m, 19.8kmh
Time stopped 1h 6m
44m stopped at Sizun for lunch as planned
6m roadside stop for comfort break, I think this is where I spotted a West Lothian Clarion jersey rising from the grass ahead of me and rode with him for a bit after that
7m roadside break just after Huelgoat
4m stop in Carhaix, I'd run out of notes so went into the Credit Agricol to use their ATM
Stopped at Carhaix for 52 mins

Carhaix to Loudeac: 5hrs 10mins, 4hrs 37 moving, 31mins stopped
Stopped at St Nicolas for 17 minutes
6.5mins stop at Le Rohanno, either a stall or comfort break
2 mins break in the middle of nowhere, must have been a comfort break
5 minute stop at the Tabac in Treve where I'd stopped on the way out. "What do you want?", "Coke", "That won't help you!" (I'm sure it would), "Sorry I mean Coca"

Loudeac: Over all I spent 1hr 10min here, I took 24mins to do little more than control, I'd decided I wanted to find somewhere else which was a choice of pizza or chicken dish at the italian, 15mins to get a mexican chicken takeaway, but it was probably the best meal I had. The poor woman running the place was struggling with a series of non-latin names being thrown at her.

Loudeac to Tinteniac:
Got this split into 2 recordings.
Section 1:
Loudeac to just out of La Cheze: 40m
Was struggling with sleep deprivation now, I often get the sight of another rider in my peripheral vision but this is usually resolved by taking glasses off.
This time the trees seemed to be multi-storey buildings wrapping over the road so I was in a tunnel.
I should have found a spot at Le cheze but kept going, the street lighting had briefly solved the problem. I didn't know how far it was to Plumieux or even that it existed on route, so got my bivvy bag out and planning on 15mins lay on top of it...
1hr 5m later I woke up, freezing cold shivvering like mad.

Section 2: 3h 40m
Took a wrong turn in Plumieux,
1 min stop just out of Meneac
4 min stop just out of St Meen le grand
1 min stop at Quedilliac, I didn't go into the reception spot after the outbound "meal" but must have been stopped by marshalls.
3hrs stop at Tinteniac; I got a reasonable sleep here, 30mins on the table then an hour and a half on the floor iirc, as well as a decent enough meal in the self-serve restaurant.
Where I managed to meet the arrow team members who were riding, Aiden H, Iroiromono (who's had a good sleep in the dorms and were about to crack on) and Steve Scott who arrived as I was tucking into my food, he was gone before I woke. (Only Revelinio was missing)

Tinteniac to Fougeres: 2h 54m, 20.2kmh
12m stop at Saint-Hilaire des Landes: Must have been a stall
Stopped at Fougeres for 1hr

Fougeres to Villaines: 6h 14m, 18.8kmh
8.5m stop at La Tanniere to get a crepe and to speak to a Weegie emigrant who lives there (he'd given a heads up on the audax Ecosse FB group but also spotted the saltire on my jeresey)
6m at Levare, I'd spotted an old direction post on the way out and had to get a picture on the return, a local then offered to take a picture of me with it, how could I say no!
Ambriees - Stopped for 1hr 2 in total, didn't recognize at first and went to supermarket, then saw cafe and stopped again I had time...
5m comfort break
6m stopped in Loup fougeres to take photos
1hr stopped at Fougeres
40m stopped at Villaines: Bounced the control then went to a tabac and to the Carefour Express, looks liek it took 20m to get bottles filled and card stamped then 20 at tabac and carefour

Villaines to Mortagne: 5h 25m, 20kmh
5m comfort break
9m stopped at La Hutte, think it was a stall
21min stop at Sant Calex en Saosnois: Comfort break then sat on a bit of road furniture for a rest
2h 20m at Mortagne; got a reasonable sleep on the floor after eating
Woke to find the Highland guys about to leave so set off with them.

Mortagne to Dreux: 4h 11, 20.4kmh
Stopped at the Tabac in Neuilly for 4mins; I'd already drunk most of what I'd topped up with at Mortagne so got coke for one bottle and poweraid for the other.
Stopped at the tent in Senoches for 8mins, I thought it was longer as I swear I had a snooze in a seat
Rode with an American rider from New Hampshire who was aiming for a 75hrs time into Dreux, I could still ride at his pace.
Stopped at Dreux for 1hr 46m, of which 1.5hrs was probably sleep; at this point I decided although I could crack on into the early hours only a huge oversleep would be a problem.

Dreux to Ramobulliet: 2hrs 11m, 20.5kmh
Left Dreux at 7am
Non-Stop except for Faff at traffic lights and junctions in Dreux
Picked up by a small group of English riders on the climb through Dreux and stayed with them on the flat but lost them around Poigny.

My average speed seems to be fairly consistent once things settled down, 20kmh on the mostly gentle sections and 18ish on the climby bits.
As my only aim was to finish in time I didn't have to push myself, but constantly worried about time in hand, which never seemed to do anything other than bounce between 3hrs and 4hrs.

For Next time I need to get my "base speed" back up, it used to be >25kmh but I've dropped speed work with RRTY and points chasing with inevitable effect
Riding with faster people showed I was capable of their speed, riding on my own I always just dropped back; linked to the "base speed"; I'm not pushing myself for speed, I just got round at a comfortable pace.

I need to make sure I am set up to sleep/rest as close to my start time as possible
I need to make sure I eat properly in the run up, I didn't get a decent lunch or tea on the Sunday so was struggling a bit with energy defict after Mortagne on the way out.
Need to be quicker at controls, the queues were never too bad, but my approach of always going to the cafe on the way out and sitting down to eat has it's limitations, if caféing then grab and go.
Can fit 3 reasonable meals each day in at the self-service restaurants where I hardly had to wait; this and the bog are the only places to sit down...
Better quality sleep would have helped too, sleeping on a hard floor just results in extra aches and pains, I reckon had I slept for 2 or 3 hours at Loudeac Id' have saved on a lot of nap time later, and I wouldn't have been standing shivering next to a sign post.

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Total moving time 54:49, total time 77:48, which tells me what I already know: could be faster and lighter but mostly I could achieve my 65 hour ride by just not f***ing around off the bike so much. "No faff" schedule got chucked out as early as Villianes this time. :facepalm:

Why is it only this ride that eats away at me about going faster? All my other 1000km+ audaxes I measure by how much I enjoyed them; if I finish more than an hour before the cut off then I lament I could've stopped for another ice cream. ::-)


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:No faff" schedule got chucked out as early as Villianes this time. :facepalm:

Noticed.   ;D

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:No faff" schedule got chucked out as early as Villianes this time. :facepalm:

Noticed.   ;D

I liked you more before you were fast enough to really show me up  ;) ;D