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That said I didn't completely eliminate hand discomfort afterwards and my left pinkie is still a bit tingly. I put this down to the fact that hand only leaves the bars when signalling left and I don't move my hands around positions enough.
yes, I think moving hands around is very important. It's almost "natural" to slump into 1 fixed postion on very long rides, so it's worth making a conscious effort to avoid this (a bit like forcing yourself to drink more).
I *suspect* that moving hands around helps as much as fitting aero-bars.

(I know I move around *less* when using aero-bars, but that's apples-and-oranges stuff ... )

In PVP 2011 I had awfully numb hands.
I started Pilates then moved to yoga.
Initially I wanted a stronger 'core' as I thought that might help.. however yoga has helped me relax on the bike and maintain good form even when I'm tired.
But moving the hands is the key I think.
I use a traditional shaped handle bar
I have two 'on the hoods' hand positions one further back and the area next to the stem free from lights etc
I make a conscious effort to circulate these positions.
The long drop also gives me more hand positions than on my short drop handle bar .
Controversially I have stopped wearing gloves . If I feel pressure,  it's my hand telling me to move.

I hope everyone 2011 my hands were ok by December for numbness but took a little longer for a strong grip to return.

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physically i feel almost recovered, should be back to 100% by the end of next week. fingers are still tingly though and may take few months to heal.

Similar.  My fingers are still troubling me.  I tried a long ride on the TT bike last weekend and struggled.   Hopefully the visit to my osteopath on Thursday will give me some mobility back in my back and neck.

Didn't help much.   Riding a 12hr TT yesterday helped even less.

Great that makes me feel reasonable ;)

Was feeling guilty for turning left on the relaxed group ride onto the longer loop. Uphill a dutch lady kicked and all hell broke loose. They did have a surprise 8km TT got my as wipped by 2 min but only just missed the podium.
Felt guilty for overdoing it but comparing to a 12H TT I now hve an excuse to enter this weekends race instead of having to take it slow to make my sore knee recover better.

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It's the first time that I have ever lost the feeling in all my toes, usually its the area around the balls of my feet, but apart from having the sensation that I have massive holes in my socks, I found out yesterday how dodgy it is, I tried to cut my toenails, I did not know if I was cutting my nails or cutting my toes off as well at the same time so I gave up after just a little trim just to be safe. Looks like I will have to try filing them down.

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I notice a couple of the Australian PBP riders (Peter Heal, David Riddel) and others are doing a recovery ride this weekend, another 1200! Peter, on a CruzBike recumbent, seems to have just finished the first 360km in just over 12 hours, so he looks to have recovered, it is very flat (a 4 day weekend of rides, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues rides from 50 to 300 and 400, 600, 1000 & 1200 starting Saturday)