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Re: Full Sugar FizzyPops
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I've always found Rubicon fruit drinks reasonably high in sugar,  but even those have been reformulated to replace some of the sugar with sucralose.


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Re: Full Sugar FizzyPops
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Yep, Ribena also. The new "lower sugar" ribena is so vile I bought a bottle and never drank it cos the aftertaste was horrid.

I really would like them to bring full-sugar ribena back with no fucking sweeteners in it. Possibly even take the sugar level down a bit. Let us be adults and choose.


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Re: Full Sugar FizzyPops
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We shared the Kopparberg Rhubarb cider last night. It's 4%ABV so my January is not dry but I didn't want to distract the Dry January thread.

David Did Not Like so it won't be repeated anyway. It has a bitter taste.

AF drinks have a full list of ingredients and declare their nutritional information. Alcoholic beverage labels contain little information other than the alcohol content.

The data freak in me is not pleased.

I'll assume this concoction was >10% sugar and contained loads of additives. We seldom enjoy alcohol anyway.