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Shower Cap - mid term Review
« on: 26 January, 2020, 03:40:52 pm »
I recently bought these from Ebay

Well not for what you think!   I have upgraded to a Proper Brooks saddle (B17) on the Brompton so needed a cheap ultralight saddle cover for touring use both day and camping trips,  it needed to be light, effective and because I lose things replaceable.  I have now used it several times in the rain and it works and I have not yet damaged it and it works even when I have my "Stick" on the back of the saddle for my rucksack.  I leave the Stick  on as it protects the saddle (a bit) from my ham fisted propping up of the bike

Re: Shower Cap - mid term Review
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That's cheaper than supermarket carrier bags are now.
Mind you, I have a sizeable stock of carrier bags from when they were free, so I'm using one of them.