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Vulkanradweg in Hessen, Germany
« on: 14 October, 2020, 08:04:13 pm »

this looks fun (for next year)*
I had a summer job in a sawmill in Gedern when I was 18 and could work all day
('schwierige, körperliche Arbeit !') It began with breakfast at 0600h Ein zweites Frühstück um 9...
(second breakfast to keep you going )..

I seem to remember a Yugoslav - and like me - Gastarbeiter - being free with the slivovitz.

It'd be fun to see Gedern again.
Guess what , most notable visitor was Sergeant Elvis Presley, who spent a night on the campsite here.

My boss introduced me to drinking beer in saunas, and his aero club - glider pilot over Gederner See.
(he had been in the Luftwaffe in the dog days of the 3rd Reich and flew a glider in to Austria to meet incoming US Army.
He told me that once he'd landed , he walked home to Hessen; now a 'deserter' he lived in his parents' attic until hostilities ceased....

* or I could just stay home and wathc the video