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Aston Villa Foundation - Festive Dash 2020
« on: 07 December, 2020, 12:22:32 pm »

I am not sure if this is the area for this...but...I am taking part in to the Festive Dash 2020 which is a charity fundraiser by the Aston Villa Foundation. This is usually done as  a run around Villa Park - which obviously cannot take place this year due to reasons we are all sadly too familiar with.

So it is being done - like everything else this year - in a socially distanced way. That is on your own out and about wherever you are - be it walking, jogging, running, or cycling.  They are asking for people to distance of 10km over the 12 days of fundraising ... 7th to 18th December 2020.

I plan on smashing that 10km distance!!!

Any donations for this great cause can be donated at my Virgin Money Giving page at...

I know it is a tough time for everyone at this time - especially in the run up to Christmas. But any donation, if you are able to, of any size will be greatly received and be put into great local causes run by the the Aston Villa Foundation to deliver Health and Wellbeing Programmes - something I think we can all agree is very much needed after 2020.

Thanks - and also apologies if this is the wrong area for this and such...

Rob Mc

Re: Aston Villa Foundation - Festive Dash 2020
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I have cycled around Villa Park now  total of three times
For each of the current days of the fundraiser - apart from today as my bike is in the shop

So, each lap takes about 30minutes and equates to 11.5km
So by the end of this over the 12 days I will be cycling around 135km usual cycling to get around and all that :)