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Re: Health: let's talk about stroke.
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I've cut down massively on booze and lost weight, and I've averaged about 9300 paces or equivalent per day so far this year. I haven't noticed the AF return.

That’s good going  :thumbsup:

Re: Health: let's talk about stroke.
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I agree completely but even so I would put stroke therapy where hip replacement was 15 years ago.

Depends on the level of the stroke, surely? A work friend/colleague had a stroke about 3 years ago and physically appears largely fine, though has difficulty with fine motor coordination and has lost speech, so communication is more than frustrating.

My aunt's hip replacement at least 35 years ago was wholly successful, at any rate as far as I was aware at the time and subsequently.

I think that proves my point.  After a hip replacement you can go back to running, cycling whatever, your work colleague is still suffering problems