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Re: Repeating Roads
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Am trying to work out if I can fit a 200km DIY into the island of Texel...


Short answer - Yes.

YMMV on permitted method of validation thobut, best done by GPS.
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Re: Repeating Roads
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Except that the M24 isn't an AUK event, it's an event for which you can claim AUK points ...

Is it a motorway? If you rode the M25 that’s be a single loop.
Sadly the M25 is only 190 km, even including the A282. Start and finish A2 at Bexley? There aren't even signs telling you that you can't cycle on the Dartford crossing from that approach  :thumbsup:

Re: Repeating Roads
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You can have an out and back route.  You can also have events that have a figure of 8, although I believe the Faccombe 100 was frowned upon because it consisted of elaborate twists and turns to keep it in an audaciously hilly part of the Wiltshire-Berkshire-Hampshire border (2250m ascent in 100km of southern softy territory) meant it never went more than about 12km from the start/finish point. 

My memory is a little hazy, but I don't think the Faccombe event repeated much at all (in the same direction). Though it was indeed frowned upon, for two reasons. There was always a bit of a question mark over the actual amount of climbing / stupidity points awarded, though I never understood why as a contour count is not terribly onerous on a 100. And the event had a ridiculous number of info controls / checkpoints to preserve route integrity. That was my first audax, back in 2000