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The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by jsabine on Today at 09:17:58 am »
It's using Yorkshire as a generic 'North, but not Sunderland' - born near Manchester (and still feel my origins are in the bit of the West Riding that, west of the Pennines, was lost to local government reorganisation before I was born), brought up near Edinburgh, and been in London for longer than I care to think.
The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by Ben T on Today at 08:49:10 am »
This is tosh.
It has me down as West London.
I'm not having it.

A few years ago I was visiting friends in Toronto.
I met with an Englishman. A thespian and something of a recreational linguist.
We chatted about this and that.
Within half an hour or so, by my accent, he'd pinned me down initially to South London and, a few minutes later, to Southeast London.
It was quite uncanny.
As well as being accurate.

Other than the year I spent living on Corfu, and 8 years in Harrow, I've spent the rest of my life in Londres Sud.

It's put me as west london as well.
It's asking what are essentially yes/no questions to "do you have this particular element" and the more you answer yes, the more the area that you could be from expands. West london possibly just happens to the centre of "the whole UK" by population density.
e.g. when it says how do you pronounce the "th" in "three" - like "tree"? it's essentially asking "are you irish"?
The Pub / Re: Science that makes you cringe
« Last post by T42 on Today at 08:42:59 am »
A propos compasses. I may or may not work for a teaching establishment that has a name that is synonymous with a certain meridian. There is a scupture on the lawn of said institution that is meant to be a sundial. Whoever installed it needed a bit more supervision- north points east.

All responsibility for scientific accuracy evaporated at the word sculpture.
On The Road / Re: Police bring undercover cyclist operation to Arbroath
« Last post by Jaded on Today at 08:34:11 am »
I think the lockdowns have been worse because the timid and more law abiding drivers are at home.
Audax / Re: 1001 Miglia
« Last post by Wine Mechanic on Today at 08:25:02 am »
I have a place that was rolled over and will not be able/want to ride this year. I didn’t  know you were allowed to trade places so if any one wants a place ,with a bag drop, at a significant discount then DM me.  Also if anyone knows how I actually trade the place then a nudge in right direction of what to do would be most welcome.
Nutty a lot of what you say makes sense especially your edit. Does sound like your lucky with the conduct of drivers I seem to attract bad passes and it has definitely changed in the last year. In lock down MKI I certainly found drivers more courteous where as now everyone seems angry and in a rush

I think separating urban and out of town is important. Only super keen nutters like you'd find here are likely to cycle several of miles between towns

However I think people can be convinced to cycle a few miles to shops etc and these are the sort who are much happier away from traffic.

I've probably banged on about it before but I have friends in Germany on a new build town. Cars are the lowest class there. You can walk or cycle to the shops or the station. However it also means kids play out on their own. My two who were probably 5 and 7 last time we went loved the extra freedom as would go to the park with the kids we stayed with. It meant people sat outside houses and chatted and meant not every bit of grass was covered in cars. This is how new houses should be built

We also need a culture change. My colleagues daughter who is in her 30s was complaining as free parking was withdrawn from her work and were told to use park and ride which involves driving past the work. I pointed out its a 12 minute cycle on half decent infrastructure. You'd have thought I suggested drinking sewage. Shes since moved and likes the new place as there isn't the traffic completely missing the factbshe contributes to said traffic
The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by Jakob on Today at 08:16:53 am »
Sunderland...although in reality it's a mix of London-ish+Danish+PNW.
Most here think I'm from the "UK", but Canadians aren't exactly connoisseurs of foreign accents.
The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by Guy on Today at 08:10:05 am »
Yorkshire, with a picture of some bloke I've never heard of.

Not bad, considering my dad was from Lancashire, my mum from Letchworth, and I've lived all my life a few miles from Biggleswade.

At least I'm not Danny Dyer :hand:
The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by nobby on Today at 07:46:28 am »
Come on, own up - who the fuck calls a snail a Dod Man?!!

Alfred Watkins in his book about ley lines mentions them as a country folk's name for snails because they resemble the ancient surveyor with his two staffs who was a dod-man.
The Pub / Re: Do you have a British accent?
« Last post by MikeFromLFE on Today at 07:37:11 am »
I'm a Kate Winslet groupie too. If that means I've elements of RP in my speech then I'll buy it.
Although I've lived in Leicester for the last 35 years I was brought up in North London, and am frequently asked if I'm a Londoner , so it seems that I do have a bloody awful speaking voice.
I recall that as a teenager I used to visit a second hand record shop in Shepherds Bush, so that's the West London connection.
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