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LEL 2022 / Re: shout out to ACME
« Last post by alwyn on Today at 04:42:00 pm »
Forgot to mention too that Alison is out near Loughton but without wheels and still rather sore from LEL. So you’d have to be able to schlep out to there.
The Pub / Re: Scorchio...
« Last post by Tim Hall on Today at 04:34:01 pm »
The broadband in my leafy village idyl as gone buggrup. It did this in last heatwave and affected many people. Last time we reported it then it got better all by itself, presumably because the temperature dropped. I think a bit of Openreach kit doesn't like getting this hot.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by CAMRAMan on Today at 04:32:19 pm »
Russians - Sting
LEL 2022 / Re: LEL time limit extended
« Last post by alfapete on Today at 04:30:37 pm »
Just about to load up the car and head off.

The mighty Brera?

We gave our daughters (who were travelling up separately) a lot of equipment to lighten the load and then I had a few anxious moments when the MiTo was rapidly filling up. We squeezed it in eventually. It's a 4C, not a Brera, that's my pride and joy ;).
Rides and Touring / Re: Have you been out today?
« Last post by Tim Hall on Today at 04:24:03 pm »
Train up to London's famous London to meet various reprobates in the form of a Lonjog 10 year reunion. First business was some impromptu clown bike wrangling at Victoria station where Joe Anonymous cyclist had got his chain stuck between the big ring and bottom bracket. After finding I didn't carry a big enough Allen key to get his crank off, a bit of brute force had it free.
Leaving him we made our way to Hyde Park Corner to meet the Usual Suspects, sadly lacking His Leggship and Lovely Susie.  A quick lap of the park then across town to Al Barone's by Tower Bridge for BEER and talking. Most of them are still there while we're on a train home.
LEL 2022 / Re: shout out to ACME
« Last post by alwyn on Today at 04:23:46 pm »
Not sure where Alison is based but I'm an Audax Club Hackney member and based in London E13. Happily give up my medal if that would be helpful.

This could work, though Gareema is still making slow progress and I don’t think we can really ask anyone to be there early doors on Monday. ETA is likely to be very early morning.
LEL 2022 / Re: shout out to ACME
« Last post by alwyn on Today at 04:18:30 pm »
Daniel, I can't believe that you really typed that on a keyboard, looked at it and then clicked on "Post".
You win. If you can't see a safety and rider welfare issue here , then so be it.

If you want me to take you seriously, stop posting dramatic nonsense.
GPS / Re: trim and analyse LEL tracklog
« Last post by grams on Today at 04:16:36 pm »
If you have a Mac there’s an app called Adze Lite with a “remove stops” feature which lets you see what’s what.

Alternatively in the Strava desktop website you can click analysis, click the clock icon and the stops will be obvious on the graph. You can click and drag along them to measure their length.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by spesh on Today at 04:13:49 pm »
Another Piece Of Meat - Scorpions
The Pub / Re: Scorchio...
« Last post by Jurek on Today at 04:03:29 pm »
The guy who produces my survey reports, works from home.
The documents are image-heavy and they are all hi-res.
On Friday morning he rang to ask whether it was ok that the current stuff he is working on is going to be a bit late.
His Macs are struggling in this heat and he needed to go out and buy an aircon unit to lower the ambient temperature a bit.
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