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Grow Your Own / Re: What have you done on the plot today?
« Last post by Mrs Pingu on Yesterday at 10:30:44 pm »
If we want to become more resilient to droughts we need to stop growing plants in containers and plant them in the ground instead.
On The Road / Re: TRO alteration shenanigans
« Last post by iddu on Yesterday at 10:18:40 pm »

Notice of a proposed TRO must advertised in a local newspaper, sent to consultees, and placed on site. An on site notice only applies if the authority considers it desirable to give adequate publicity to the order. At least 21 days must be allowed for objections to be received.

My bold.  So, Judge, Jury and Executioner, and yes seems to apply.
Today I learnt to peel ginger with a spoon (well oyster knife but the same thing) and it has made ginger a revolution for me.
LEL 2022 / Re: Online Real Time Tracking
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Yesterday at 10:04:09 pm »

This is definitely the first time I'll meet a man called Lindsay, but there must be a first time for everything!

He rode RATN a couple of years back. Did really well, but it all went to pot about 1500km in and he ended up scratching. Surprised everyone.

Racing / Re: TCR no8.
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Yesterday at 09:56:44 pm »
Ironically (or annoyingly) he did loads of long distance rides on flat pedals in the past. I'm not sure why he changed this time round.

That would all be Hippy's fault.

Gallery / Re: 'found this on a ride today'!
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 09:49:43 pm »
Did you check to see whether Bloody Stupid Johnson was in residence?
Further and Faster / Re: Out the saddle
« Last post by Pickled Onion on Yesterday at 09:47:16 pm »
Getting out of the saddle won't get you there any quicker without expending more energy. On a long ride there are only two good reasons for standing on the pedals: (1) you've run out of gears; or (2) you want to rest your arse.

It can be used to put more oomf into a climb, but you still need to gear down (assuming you're riding with gears). If you're riding fixed or have run out of gears, then to avoid blowing up take it slowly and concentrate on just keeping the pedals turning.

To get more comfortable in the out of the saddle position, practice it on the flat, but don't expect to go any faster than seated. Try to keep the bike perfectly straight, as Ian H says don't pull hard on the bars or throw the bike side to side.
LEL 2022 / Re: Online Real Time Tracking
« Last post by hellymedic on Yesterday at 09:37:56 pm »
Leonie Dijkstra is the first woman to arrive at Hessle at just now.
Am I wrong if I suggest that Lindsay Mccrae is probably a woman too?
I reckon so.
This is definitely the first time I'll meet a man called Lindsay, but there must be a first time for everything!

Those who follow British politics will know (with regret) that Sir Lindsay Hoyle is Speaker of the House...
The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by rogerzilla on Yesterday at 09:32:04 pm »
Centrica/Hive.  Did you have to wait for Brexit to tell us we have 3 years left before you brick all the cameras and burglar alarms you were still selling new THIS YEAR (EU law requires 10 years' support)?  And your greenwash bullshit about "focusing on eco-friendly products" looks rather hollow in the light of all the perfectly good kit that will go to landfill. will not see another penny from me.  And you can FRO with the boiler service contract too.  I'm giving it to someone else.
The Knowledge / Re: Soldering Help
« Last post by Sergeant Pluck on Yesterday at 09:30:27 pm »
So it is - thanks! Correct M6 bolt to the fork. I assume the bolt through the other end is M6 too.

I confess I hadn’t realised there were two sizes of SON’s own bracket:

SJS is bracket heaven.
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