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^ I really hate it when someone is being a cockwomble and then doubles down on it as opposed to apologising or fucking off.
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"Punching a young man in his twenties" was not a euphemism... then again...
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Last night on way home in van and see a guy on a bike making his way across a multi traffic light junction whilst they would have been red for him.

I overtook him and then at the next lights with a LH lane going left or straight on and right hand one to go right. I stopped well pass the stop line as went through on green but was an ambulance coming other way so stopped to let it through. The guy cycles on right hand side of right hand lane then cuts across car next to me and me to go straight on. Thankfully for him I was paying attention as you wouldn't be expecting a bike to come there.

Next set of lights and he does the same nearly getting taken out by car turning right who honked him. The guy on bike stops blocking cars coming other way and starts shouting at the car driver

He then cut across me again and headed off to probably get run over further up the road

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About 20 of them today. Helping the brother collect a bed and as we approached a short narrow bridge which can was only wide enough for one vehicle at a time and which we had priority on a group of riders came the other way. My brother despite saying bloody cyclists evey time he sees one to wind me up stopped to let them come through and not one acknowledged us.

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The wheel-sucker who took a tow off me from East Ashling to Aldsworth before overtaking without so much as a wave or word of thanks. ::-)
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