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"Romero's tale of two world titles"



--- Quote from: Paul Smith SRCC on 10 April, 2008, 07:11:59 pm ---Rebecca [Romero] was a 'Saturday' girl where I used to work at Pearson cycles, I set the mail order up there and she used to come in from school at 5pm every day to take all the parcels to the post office for me.

She saved and saved to buy herself a full on race bike, she would often join me on my ride after work, even then she was immensely strong with that smooth style of hers, she would repeatedly tell me that one day she would win an Olympic gold medal, then tease me that she would do it for Spain   ;D, a reply of "that's a funny way to hand in your notice" made her see sense of course  ;D

She came to see me a few weeks ago and simply said, you remember me once telling you...she then gave me a hug that lifted me off clean off my feet  ;D, a great rider and a lovely person as well; proud of her  :thumbsup:

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