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Fair Fuel survey on drivers' frustrations - including cyclists

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The "Fair Fuel Campaign" - which is basically the ABD with minor celebrities - is running a survey on drivers' frustrations which includes a section on cycling and a rather loaded question about whether cyclists should be subject to greater legislation.  There's also an opportunity to nominate "bad driving" as your biggest frustration.

Unsurprisingly, the questions are phrased in the hope of eliciting the responses that pander to their existing prejudices, so here's your opportunity to give your opinion.

There is no box to say that there would be benefits for all of us if powered road transport was significantly curtailed. Why is that?

As the unofficial YACF petrol (in my own) head.

I am not going to bother to click the link because I am sure it will be full of idiots who do not understand the privilege it is to drive on the road.

I did and I was right.

Tried to reply, as a car driver (they'll ignore responses from cyclists) but then couldn't be bothered to think up a false postcode.


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