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London Marathon road closures


Apologies for London centric post. I'm staying in central London for a hen night tonight, and then going home to South London tomorrow.

I was going to take my bike (hotel says they have somewhere for it) but am wondering if it will be a hassle to get home tomorrow with the road closures and the crowds etc. My normal route would have me crossing the Mall and going down Horse Guards etc, which will be a no go.

Or could I just head west a bit and be ok?

Am wondering if easiest option is to take the tube in this case. I have to leave in an hour so better make up my mind!

I live in SE London, behind a road which is closed every year for the marathon. Every year we go out to cheer people on, its great.

There will be no hassle getting across London with a bicycle - just wait till the mass of runners have died down a bit, and police at junctions will wave you across. Just be sensible and try not to cross the route where it is jam packed with runners.
I see what you mean about Horse Guards and the Mall though - I've never been up there at the finish, so can't say, but I'd say sticking to the west of there would be better.

Ta, hopefully should be ok.

I've got to go from South London into the City tomorrow. Looking at the maps, going a little further North will be ok - instead of going along the mall, take Pall Mall, Piccadilly & Belgrave Square (or Hyde Park)


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